Have You Got A Healthy Horse?

Have you got a healthy horse? How to tell if your horse is healthy. Signs your horse is unhealthy.

Have you got a healthy horse? How to tell if your horse is healthy. Signs your horse is unhealthy.

Find out during 'Keeping Britain's Horses Healthy (KBHH)' – World Horse Week

World Horse Week has been launched to help owners keep their horses happy, healthy and disease-free. Established by KBHH and supported by BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) and AHT (Animal Health Trust). Vets across the country are taking part and you can find your local veterinary practices who are participating at Vet Finder. Many practices have organised fun events throughout the week so get in touch with them to find out more.
The week will focus on KBHH’s 7 pillars of responsible horse ownership:
  1. Infectious diseases
  2. Parasite control
  3. Nutrition & weight management
  4. Teeth & dentistry
  5. Hoof care and farriery
  6. Well-being (environmental management, breeding and end of life care)
  7. Taking on a new horse
KBHH have published Responsible Horse Owners booklets which can be downloaded for free. These guides contain comprehensive, invaluable information and advice regarding preventative health care based on the 7 pillars. These are a great starting point but you should always contact your vet if you are concerned. Most veterinary practices will offer advice and would only suggest a visit or examination if they felt it was clinically indicated.

KBHH’s website also contains a fun quiz to test your knowledge and a myth busters section which tackles age old horsey myths. Sign up to the website for tips on how to keep your own horse healthy and to play your part in keeping 'Britains Horses Healthy!' During the Horse Health week there will also be a chance to win a daily prize at Healthy Horses As many of the team at R&R are owners, riders or competitors we understand the importance of keeping horses in tip top condition and are proud to show our support for Horse Health Week. We stock a range of wormers, supplements and feed and have someone on hand trained to offer advice should you need it. 

Info provided from the KBHH Website Healthy Horses.

21 September 2015