Favourite Things - Protexin Gut Balancer

Favourite Things - Protexin Gut Balancer

Everyone loves a recommendation. Our new 'Favourite Things' Blog feature aims to share staff and customers favourite purchases and explain why they are so good!

First in the spotlight is Protexin's Gut Balancer - £15.99 for 400g / £25.99 for 700g.

What Protexin have to say

Gut Balancer is an everyday palatable probiotic and prebiotic powder, specifically designed for horses and ponies. Use daily for general wellbeing, to normalise digestive function and efficiency, and for equines prone to digestive upsets.


Normal use: 10g (1 level measure) added to the daily food 700g tub should last 70 days

Stress use: 20g (2 level measures) added to the daily food 

What our staff member Elisha has to say:

"British, Amazing, Effectual"

"I started using Protexin around the end of September 2015 on my highly strung thoroughbred gelding, Lucky. We had traveled to a competition and he got a little worked up and the result was loose & frequent stools. After some research on the internet I decided to give Protexin a try. The results were incredible. Within a few days everything was back to normal and it has been since.

My gelding gets the maintenance dose of Protexin everyday to help maintain a healthy gut and to improve general well being. Protexin has become part of Lucky's daily feed because I noticed such a dramatic change when I started to use this product.

It's so reasonably priced compared to similar products and incredibly effective." 

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23 February 2016