Staff Recommended Product - Rambo Dry Rug

Staff Recommended Product - Rambo Dry Rug

Recommended by our Melton Store Manager, Wendy and her horse Poppy, Horseware's Rambo Dry Rug is a micro-fibre towelling cloth designed to fit snugly around your horse and dry him in record time. With a smart hide-away hood, even the mane and neck can be dried. Simply roll up the hood to dry mane and neck, and when finished roll back into a hide-away pocket. Elasticated cross surcingles and an adjustable multi-fit front ensure a close contact fit.

Wendy only recently bought Poppy a Rambo Dry Rug, but she's already raving about it. Here's what she had to say:

"It's amazing! I ride after work and it's been so mild recently that she gets very hot when schooling, consequently I have been washing her down after a ride. But that left me with a dilemma as I couldn't just stick a rug on her and leave her wet, as there's nothing worse than putting a stable rug on a wet horse. Now my problems are solved! Poppy modelling her new dry rug below:

"I pop the Rambo Dry Rug on and by the time I have put my tack away, skipped out etc (approximately 15 minutes) shes is bone dry. Also if we get caught out in a shower when hacking, its not a hassle to dry her off afterwards. Awesome - I love it and I can definitely recommend this product.' Horseware have built a reputation for innovative products like the Dry Rug."  

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03 February 2016