Anky Techincal Climatrole Boots

Anky Techincal Climatrole Boots

New from Anky these technical climatrole boots provide great performance and look fabulous.

Engineered with performance in mind these boots are made with cylindrical perforated Neoprene and a metallic coating inside the shell fabric which provides optimum evaporation.

The inside is equipped with the registered I.4U heat dispenser system to transport heat away from the legs. This technology involves aluminium dispensers which collect heat and dissipate it quickly via the perforated neoprene inside with technical coating. During this process the aluminium feels cool because the small holes inside promote natural convection.

The boots are light weight, breathable and machine washable.

They are easy to fit with the Velcro closure.

The inner shell of the Technical Boots is a polyester blend, which provides sufficient protection against knocks and bumps.

The Technical Boots can be machine washed  without them loosing their function or performance.


A customer who recently purchased the boots kindly reviewed them for us and here's what she thought:

I purchased a pair of these boots in black for my horse Flint. I wanted something to replace my flatwork wraps for the days I do not want to bandage.  They are also suitable for jumping.

These boots are so brilliant that I have chosen them over bandaging in all my flatwork sessions.

They mould to the horses legs and there is no bedding in period.  Flint's legs have remained cool throughout work-outs and moisture is wicked away from the hair, leaving legs dry.

I love how they mould to the horses legs and give excellent protection.  The technical metallic coating catches the sun and makes the boots sparkle when the sun is out, an essential item for any matchy rider who doesn’t like bandaging their horse.

Asked to describe the product in three words Kelly said "Life is complete!"

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11 July 2016