Are horse supplements necessary?

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Are horse supplements necessary?

It's easy to feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of different horse supplements  available nowadays. It might even appear as though any ailment or problem can be fixed with a supplement, but here’s the question: are they really necessary?


One thing you should consider before adding extra boosts of any one supplement, is whether your horse is already receiving a proper balanced diet. A balanced diet is key to good basic health and this means, as well as his daily forage, your horse should be getting the essential vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy system. Forage, especially preserved forage such as hay or haylage, tends to be short on vitamins and minerals. However, they can easily be added to the feed bucket with a feed balancer such as TopSpec Comprehensive Balancer or a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement such as NAF General Purpose Supplement.


Once a balanced diet has been established, there are lots of different horse supplements that can help with or relieve specific conditions. Some horse supplements are veterinary approved and are backed with clinical studies. Others may be more traditional herbal supplements. We all know though that horses are unique individuals and what works for one horse may not always work for another. So, whether you are an advocate for feeding horse supplements or not, often comes down to personal experience and whether you have seen positive results from using them first-hand.


Do you have a thoroughbred with poor feet? NAF PROFeet Powder may just be your answer. I have personally seen this work with a mare who would always throw at least one shoe between farrier visits. After she’d been on NAF PROFeet for a month or so, she didn’t lose any more shoes! So that was me converted.


Perhaps you have a veteran who needs some joint support? Do you have a horse with a sensitive digestive system that needs gentle care? Or maybe a horse whose respiration suffers in a dusty stable during winter? There literally is something for everyone, and what have you got to lose by giving a new supplement a go? If it works, brilliant! You might have just improved your horse’s health, comfort or performance.