Ariat Ladies Devon Nitro Paddock Boot Review

Ariat Ladies Devon Nitro Paddock Boot Review

Ariat Devon Nitro Padock Boot Review

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Like many horse owners, the comfort and protection of my horse will always be superior to that of my own. With this being my reality, I jumped at the opportunity to try out the new Ariat Devon Nitro Paddock Boots and see if I really could tell the difference from my old, cheap and very worn boots.

As a member of staff at R&R, we regularly have Ariat training keeping us up to date with the continuous improvements they are making, However, it isn’t until you are able to have these on your feet for hours at a time you really do appreciate the comfort they give.

Before even putting the boots on I was already blown away by the soft leather and modern design, without a doubt making the normally bland paddock boot look stylish. As with any normal boot, the ‘breaking in’ period is always the worst so I decided to really put the boots to the test and wear them whilst working for a few days. I couldn’t believe that after two full days on my feet in these boots I had no aches or pains and found them much comfier than my other daily shoes.

These boots really do showcase Ariat’s advanced technology featuring the Nitro footbed which offers top-of-the-line comfort and stability. Ariat’s shock shield technology diffuses heel strike impact for maximum shock absorption and the waterproof, full-grain leather upper means I don’t have to worry if I get stuck riding out in the rain. They really have covered all bases in such a little boot.

Ariat Nitro Technology

They have become my go-to boots and I now have them on my feet every day whether it being at work or when I am riding. They offer everything you will ever need in a paddock boot and more! And if you’re like myself who struggles to find long boots to fit, they are the perfect compromise. They really have made me change my ways and I will never be able to put a cheap pair of boots on my feet again!!

Looking to purchase a pair? Get yours online and receive a free Ariat water bottle or travel mug!

Yasmin Atton - R&R Country Sales Assistant 

10 May 2019