Badminton Best Bits - Top 5

Badminton Best Bits - Top 5

Don't forget Badminton starts Wednesday 3rd May!

Here's some of our top facts from Badminton's long history:

    1. The 10th Duke of Beaufort came up with the idea to hold an event in his Gloucestershire park after watching the 1948 Olympics. He thought it would be a great chance for British riders to train for future international events. The first event at Badminton was held the following year in 1949.

    2. The Trials were first televised in 1956 and popularity has continued to grow so much that this year there will be Live Streamed Footage available on Horse and Hound's website.

    3. Lucinda Green (nee Prior-Palmer) has had the greatest success at Badminton winning the event an amazing 6 times. Her successes span over a decade and include 1973 on Be Fair, 1976 on Wide Awake, 1977 on George, 1979 on Kildare, 1983 on Regal Realm, 1984 on Beagle Bay.

    4. Mitsubishi have sponsored this event since 1992 and the Mitsubishi 4x4's always feature as a jump in the Cross-Country section.

    5. Badminton is one of the 3 Events that make up the prestigious 'Rolex Grand Slam'. Burghley and Kentucky Horse Trials make up the remaining 2 events. Riders must win all 3 events to take home the Rolex Grand Slam Title. This prestigious award has only been won twice! In 2003 it was won by Pippa Funnel on Primmore's Pride and Supreme Rock and in 2016 by  Michael Jung on La Biosthetique-Sam FBW and FischerRocana FST.

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      26 April 2017