Bates Advanta Monoflap Eventing Saddle: A Review

Bates Advanta Monoflap Saddle

 Bates Advanta Monoflap Saddle

Hello all, my name is Laura and I am the name behind the marketing and social media at R&R Country and pictured below is Ranger, my 16.3hh Irish Sports Horse. Today I will be discussing products, in particular my new fantastic new Bates Advanta Monoflap Eventing saddle that I recently purchased. 

Irish Sports Horse

I have always ridden in a close contact saddle as I feel much closer to the horse. As our favourite discipline is show jumping I think it is super important to be connected. I feel more secure when jumping in a close contact saddle - the forward cut style makes getting in and out of the saddle so much easier. In addition, the monoflap aspect of many close contact saddles minimises bulk beneath your leg, again creating a much closer feel. 

Finding My Perfect Saddle...

Bates Monoflap Saddle

Before I chose the Bates Advanta Monoflap saddle I tried a few other close contact saddles for fit. Helen, the saddle fitter here at R&R Country, knew exactly what would work for both me and Ranger. However, the Bates Advanta Monoflap saddle topped them all - it made me feel instantly secure, holding me in the correct position throughout the test ride. 

Helen explained the saddle in detail and showed me everything it could do. She explained that the knee blocks can be moved to suit me personally and position me securely without restriction. I also discovered that the ergonomic adjustable stirrup bars can also be altered to be further forward or back - all these factors optimised my position and enabled me to locate the sweet spot in the saddle effortlessly. 

Not only is this saddle great at positioning you over a fence, it is also super sensitive to your horse's needs. Ranger is quite a high withered horse and I was initially worried that a close contact would not suit him due to this. Helen explained that the protective cushioning of the CAIR system absorbs any shock and reduces any pressure across the back. Helen also explained how this saddle actually encourages blood flow to their working muscles due to the CAIR Cushion System. This saddle also offers wither freedom so Ranger can naturally and confidently make a frame over the fence.

Another reason why I chose this saddle was due to the EASY-CHANGE system. I know that if Ranger ever changes shape I can have Helen come and reassess the fit properly, and alter if needs be with a new gullet bar.

I honestly can't put into words how much I adore this saddle. I have only had it for 9 days and I can wholeheartedly say that in those 9 days mine and Ranger's bond has grown, and I believe that is partly due to the close feel the saddle offers. I am very excited to start competing in this saddle - watch this space...

01 December 2020