Bed-Down Bedding : New Range!

Bed-Down : New Range

Bed-Down : New Range


We are pleased to now be stocking a selection of the premium Bed-Down bedding range. 

We all like to know that our horse is comfortable in his stable and getting the rest he deserves. One of the ways Bed-Down help make this possible is through their unique, multiple dust extraction process - Easy Breathe. All their bedding is produced at the family farm's production facilities in Norfolk. 

Bed-Down's specialist range of bedding is also combined with Microcote, which is a patented additive which is designed to reduce every day dust particles. 

Bed-Down bales come in 2 sizes, 10kg or 20kg with the intention of making life easier for you, wherever you are with your horse! Until the end of May we are offering £1 off the small bales, meaning you can try the bedding for yourself and see just how great it is.

Bed-Down Excel

50/50 blend combined with a natural lemon scent to discourage eating. A perfect every day bedding. Bed-Down Excel spreads up to a third further than an equivalent sized bale of softwood shavings. By chopping the wheat straw Bed-Down Excel is easier to use than traditionally baled long straw. It is produced with Bed-Down's Easy Breathe method. 

Bed-Down Excel Plus
The Excel Plus combines both the Easy Breathe and the patented Microcote technology. It also has eucalyptus properties to promote a fresh and clean environment and minimise breathing problems. This bedding is ideal for performance or competition horses, or those with respiratory issues. 

Bed-Down Rapasorb
Rapasorb is naturally unpalatable, so it's great for horses who are on a restricted diet and it also gives a cheaper alternative to more expensive bedding. It is made from rape straw which has undergone the Easy Breathe dust extraction process and it has been chopped to expose the highly absorbent inner pitch. As with the other bedding it has a pleasant fragrance. 

Bed-Down Lavender Shavings
These are top quality white softwood shavings with a lavender fragrance to help promote calm, restful sleep and keep a fresh stable. As with all Bed-Down bedding, the lavender shavings have been treated with the Easy Breathe dust extraction process. 

All Bed-Down bedding is available in 10kg or 20kg bales.

Don't forget, save £1 per small bale until the end of May!




19 April 2019