Black Friday at R&R Country

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One question we’ve been hearing more and more over recent years is ‘does R&R Country do Black Friday?’ so we’re here to give the answer, once and for all.

If you’re here for the short answer – it’s a no from us. If you’d like to find out why, then please do continue reading…

As you probably know, Black Friday is traditionally an American discount day following Thanksgiving. We are a Yorkshire-based, British business. Do we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK? No. So why is it that Black Friday has become so widespread over recent years, with record high-street crowds and websites crashing under the sheer volume of traffic?

Black Friday is typically used by retailers to entice large crowds into their stores with promises of large discounts on popular items (where stock is often low to begin with) and encourage impulse-buys with ‘limited time’ offers and minor deals on low-value items. A PWC consumer survey in the UK this year found that 20% of those surveyed didn’t believe that Black Friday deals were genuine, and that more recent strategies such as longer-term discounts had dampened the event. A recent Which? investigation also found that the "popular shopping event is all hype and there are few genuine discounts."

Here at R&R Country, we place customers at the heart of our business: your trust is crucial. Many of our valued customers shop with us because we have built a relationship based on trust and staff expertise – we don’t want to undermine this by adopting traditional Black Friday tactics.

Many retailers and news outlets are now questioning the ethical and environmental impact of Black Friday: the BBC recently reported that “overproduction contributes to climate change”, and a researcher from the University of Leeds Sustainability Research Institute stated that it “stimulates overconsumption”.

Our reluctance to contribute to this is simple: we truly believe in the quality of our products, and want to encourage our customers to make informed and conscious decisions, rather than to elbow one another out of the way for the last pair of discounted boots!

Black Friday, the R&R way

Many horses don’t like busy crowds and being jostled around – and we couldn’t agree with them more! Why not spend this year’s Black Friday out enjoying quality time with your favourite four-legged friend, rather than squeezing through crowds or watching your web browser load at painstaking speed? We’re sure you won’t regret it – and when you are in the mood to shop once the madness subsides, we’ll be here with a friendly welcome and the personal touch our customers have grown to know and love.

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