Buzz-off - All new scientific evidence reveals the benefits of wearing a zebra print rug!

Buzz-off - All new scientific evidence reveals the benefits of wearing a zebra print rug!


The Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Rug has been scientifically incorporating new findings from the University of Bristol.

Read on to discover why it is a great idea to dress your horse up as a zebra this summer! 

Why do Zebras have stripes?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why these wild animals have such distinctive markings? If so, you’re not the only one, it has long been a question that has baffled many top scientists! Numerous theories have been proposed as to why zebras have these stripes, such as heat regulation and anti-predator adaptations. However, it has never been 100% conclusive... until recent findings revealed a whole new theory about Zebra stripes! 


The method behind this madness!

The research department at the University of Bristol have conducted two experiments whereby a horse and a zebra were compared and analysed. 

Investigators placed the zebra and the horse among a fly swarm with no protection from the parasites. They used video analysis to observe the behaviour of the flies around each animal.

Results were incredibly interesting, the zebra had significantly fewer successful landings from the flies in comparison to the horse. The video footage showed that the flies seemed to suffer from visual impairment moments before landing on the zebra. This visual issue seemed to result in them flying over the animal or simply bumping into them.

To rule out any other variables in the first experiment, they decided to run a second experiment whereby the horse would wear a cloth mimicking the striped black and white pattern of the zebra. This was an essential element to eliminate any other variables such as preferences in the animals smell or taste! Results were clear, the horse that wore the zebra printed rug experienced less landings in comparison to horses wearing a single coloured rug. Together these results provide important insights into why zebras have adapted to have these stripes, and how we can mimic this clever technology to help keep biting parasites at bay this summer! We think the team at Bristol University have really earned their stripes with this finding!

Laughing zebra

The Buzz Off Zebra Fly Rug

Here at R&R, we have got you covered... quite literally! The Bucas Zebra Fly Rug and the Bucas Zebra Fly Mask are certainly going to be a summer essential, so make sure you grab yours before they all fly off the shelf...


17 April 2019