Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Masks

Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Masks

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Cows can wear fly masks and ten more things you may not know about the Field Relief range.

 As horse owners ourselves, we understand the importance of a long lasting, comfortable and well fitting fly mask. It’s the ‘difference is in the detail’ that makes our Field Relief range rank Best in Tests*.

But did you know?

  1. Dusk to dawn

Our Field Relief Fly Masks can be worn all day and all night. Its often early morning or late evening when midges and other biting insects are at their worst – the Field Relief range is so comfortable and visibility is great that keeping them on overnight means you catch the midges from dusk til dawn . For horses out 24/7, we do recommend making sure you check your horse regularly and allow him time without the mask to prevent risk of rubbing.

  1. Recommended by vets

The Field Relief range has been recommended by vets. With UV protection and clever design features, our fly masks are perfect for horses and ponies with common eye complaints and those sensitive to light.

  1. Shaped to fit

The Field Relief Fly Masks actually have ‘ear shaped’ ears – we use a super comfortable and breathable soft mesh for our ergonomically shaped ear pieces to offer the best fit and comfort.

  1. Superior fabrics

We source only the best fabrics for our fly masks. The fabrics are chosen for their durability, breathability and protection. The PVC coated polyester is a solar screen fabric, designed to reduce heat transfer and protect from the glare and harmful rays from the sun whilst allowing air and light to pass through the mask.

  1. Up to 80% UV protection

This Solar Screen fabric is proven and tested to block out up 80% of sun rays in the Field Relief Max and up to 70% for the Field Relief Midi Mask.

  1. Soft and comfortable

For ultimate comfort we use a soft mesh for around jaw area and behind ears to prevent rubbing and irritation for the horse

  1. Adjustable to fit

To cater for an array of different shapes and sizes of horses and ponies, our Field Relief Fly Masks are adjustable to fit. The muzzle protector/ nose piece can be adjusted higher or lower and can be detached on days when it’s not needed. The hook and loop fastenings under the jaw and behind the ears provide a secure fit for a wide range of horses and ponies.

  1. The difference in the detail

Careful design and thoughtful additions make the Field Relief range as popular now than ever. Carefully positioned darts in the face pieces ensures good eye clearance, comfort and great visibility. The soft sponge padding around the brow area and on the noseband prevents rubbing and offers that extra level of comfort. Elastic bound edges are added for a secure fit, supreme comfort and importantly, to stop pesky flies from getting in underneath mask.

  1. Made for donkeys too!

From Shetlands to Shires and Donkeys too.. We make our Field Relief Fly Masks in a wide of range of sizes from extra, extra small to extra large and even donkeys too catering for those special ears.

  1. Easy to use, easy to wash

Field Relief Fly Masks are washable; easy to hand wash or on a gentle machine wash means they come out looking like new.


What the testers say……

Horse & Rider Magazine, Best in Test 2012*

Horse tester: Jinx

Pros “It’s tough, durable and has a detachable nose. It fits really well and the seams are soft. It stayed on really well.”  Buy if… you want a tough, comfy mask with a removable nose.

Horse & Hound online review…

Tester: Gaby Cooke

This has to be one of the best on the market, and I would certainly recommend it. This fly mask is worth every penny.


Blog Credit: Equilibrium Products


09 May 2017