Give Back Friday - Raising money for the British Horse Society

Posted: 11/16/18

Give Back Friday

Anyone else fed up of the Black Friday adverts already? Yes? So are we! Which is why we've decided to do something a little different this year ... From the 23rd - 25th November, for every transaction over £50 that is made online or in our Selby or Melton Mowbray stores, we will donate £5 of that money to the British Horse Society!

During 70 years, the BHS has made a real impact on the lives of horses and horse owners with wide-ranging campaigns and initiatives. Their core foundations – education, welfare, access and safety – are more important than ever as they demonstrably make a difference to horses’ lives.



Their dedicated team work tirelessly to make the world a safer place for horses, riders and carriage drivers. With a caring team of experts and volunteers, BHS promote good care and prevent cruelty to hundreds of horses every year.

So join us online or in-store between 23rd-25th November and help us raise money for a fantastic cause! 


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