Groucho’s launch day - Saturday 18th September!

Groucho’s launch day - Saturday 18th September!

Have you heard? The Selby pet shop is getting its very own dog groomers! This isn’t just any old groomers either, oh no!! Keep reading to find out more…

What is Groucho’s?

Jenn and Paula describe Groucho’s as ‘The health groom’. They use the power of the senses and the natural world to aid health and behaviour in the dogs they treat. 

How does it work during grooming?

At Groucho’s they regularly use generic blends of aromatherapy oils during grooming to help dogs who are fearful, nervous or in pain. They offer an individual and bespoke service and treat the cause, not the symptom. Groucho’s say their ‘aim is to keep the dog as close to their original balanced core as possible - physically, emotionally and psychologically.’ Grooming sessions start at £40. 

What grooming services do Groucho’s offer?

Hand stripping
Fur Dip Dying
Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

What Holistic sessions are there?

Binaural beats therapy (music)
Bach flower remedies
Aromatherapy using essential oils.

How do the holistic sessions work?

An individual remedy, consisting of oils that the animal has directed Paula to, is mixed. These are then used for the massage session and the remainder is given to the owner for them to take home to continue the treatment. The core aim is always to return the dog to its own balanced core level. We think you’ll agree that it’s pretty exciting stuff! The holistic services at Groucho’s start at £30. These can be booked following a initial consultation which is £50.

The initial consultation will be 30min long and is a full assessment of the dog (or doggie MOT). It will look at symptoms Groucho's are already aware of and includes an aromatherapy massage which works on chi-levels and acupressure points. This can also reveal other physical, emotional and behavioural elements to work on. The owner will be updated upon collection of their dog at the end of the consultation. 

The holistic part is also extremely effective with older dogs as it can ease their passage emotionally along the, sometimes confusing, path to old age.

Holistic quote

Are you as excited as we are yet?

We’re pretty sure the answer is going to be yes. So, why don’t you head on down to the pet shop at the Selby store this Saturday (18th Sept). You can meet Paula and Jenn at Groucho’s (they are really lovely and super passionate about the treatments they offer!) Visit them to find out more. Every booking made for Groucho's will also receive a doggy goody bag, as will every purchase over £10 in the pet shop! You can even bring your pooch along to help you explore the new pet shop. Dogs are allowed in the pet shop and the feed barn. We can't wait to see you!

How can you contact Groucho's?
Holistic services
Paula Goodrick - ADTB, AMBIPDT
07890 401463,

Grooming services
Jennifer Robb
07391 523045,

Follow Groucho's on Facebook and Instagram: @grouchosgroomers

14 September 2021