Guest Blog: Lift Off For Rosco

Guest Blog: Lift Off For Rosco

Guest Blog

After getting the go ahead to start cantering from our vet last month, and following another positive assessment, we now have the green light to start jumping again. We’ve been doing lots of hacking and various exercises to build up Rosco's muscles including pole work, uphill walking and lots of stretches - he will do absolutely anything for a carrot! 

Rosco’s fitness has been coming on nicely and we still have a massive stubble field behind the yard which has allowed us to gradually build up his canter fitness (we’re up to 6 consecutive minutes).

So, 10 months after his fractured pelvis and cannon bone we went for lift off - it was just a cross pole to start. Even though I have had Rosco since last December, we only did about 3 jumping sessions before his injury, therefore I was apprehensive and concerned I may ‘break him’ with starting up again. The session went really well, he was keen but not too giddy - he certainly hadn't forgotten how to jump, although we had a few big moments (see below!)

Horse Jumping

Because Rosco has been doing a quite a bit more work I decided to clip him... another first!  His previous owner said he was good to clip and thankfully he was - he hardly flinched at the clippers, he was just a bit fidgety around his face but nothing nasty. I decided to clip half his face but Rosco had other ideas and when it came to his nose, he nuzzled me and he ended up with an unplanned stripe (2 weeks later and it has just about blended in).

Hopefully after lockdown we’ll be able to get some lessons in to improve and build on our partnership - we’re planning to get out and do some dressage competitions very soon! 

22 December 2020