Guest Blog: Rosco On Rehabilitation

horse in field

RoscoRosco has been enjoying his time off riding and he is definitely in “chill” mode - he is loving this great weather, basking in the sun and relaxing. He’s still on restricted turn out at the moment and we are gradually extending his grass. This weekend we’re going to open the fields up, but we will have to be careful and do it in a controlled manner to avoid them going loopy or getting colic!  To give Rosco a boredom break, we gave him a treat filled toy ball to play with... As soon as we put it in the field he instantly knew what it was and started to roll it to get the treats!  He knows not to get too close to the electric fence and he can skilfully steer the ball to stop it going under the fence. Every so often he gives it a kick with his hoof  - if they did horse football he’d definitely be on the team.

Horse treat ballAfter just over 6 weeks since breaking his hip bone, he’s showing no signs of pain and the x-rays show the detached bone, although moved, has stabilised. With this great news, Jenny our vet at Ridings Equine,  has given us the go ahead to start his rehab.  It’s great that our vet, and our regular physiotherapist, really work together to get us the best rehab for Rosco, coming out in these strange times and sticking to social distancing and hygiene rules.

Faith, who provides our equine physio services, has developed an 8 week rehabilitation plan for Rosco. The first 4 weeks will focus on stretches (Rosco loves them), non ridden walking and long reining exercises. We’ve started using mint flavoured horsylx as it’s easier to get a longer stretch than a carrot, as when we use a carrot he either gives up once he gets it or bites my finger if I'm not careful.

Horse stretchAs for the long reining, I’ve never done this before so I may practice on our other horses first, but I’m sure it’s going to be entertaining. It’s great that R&R Country are still doing online orders so I can get a roller and lunge line to help with the exercising.  Since the lockdown restrictions began, we have been keeping an eye on our personal fitness levels, in particular our step count! Even though we easily do over 10,000 steps a day normally, with all the walking Faith has planned in for us, I think we’ll break 20,000 steps per day!

Part of the rehab includes a machine to help build his muscles called a “Neuromuscular Electro Stimulator”. Apparently professional footballers use these, so if it is good enough for them, it’s good enough for Rosco! Hopefully we’re doing everything to get him back to fitness in a safe and correct way.

Neuromuscular Electro Stimulator

22 April 2020