Guest Blog: Rosco Puts His Foot In It

Guest Blog
Horse Abscess

My plans to get Rosco out competing have been temporarily put on hold due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but I have managed to keep him ticking over with hacks. Unfortunately, the wet weather caused one of his shoes to be pulled off... Luckily our farrier was able to put it back on the same afternoon.

About a week later, I went to get him out of the field and he was very lame, he couldn’t even put his foot to the floor.  After a call out to our vet, the shoe was removed and black puss OOZED from a nail hole. According to our vet, this was good news - she thinks when the shoe was initially pulled off it had become infected, causing an abscess. This is another first from Rosco, in all the 10 years of keeping horses, it’s the first abscess I have had to deal with, and I must admit it was a bit of a scare! Apparently it’s instant relief when the abscess leaks and releases the pressure.

Treatment was a case of regular poultices and a protective boot made from duct tape (I’m an expert at making these now as you can see with his collection of boots).  After a week thankfully the abscess had healed and Rosco was ready for his shoe back on, more reassuringly he was sound again.

As if Rosco hadn't seen the vet enough the past few weeks, we decided to re-scope him for ulcers and unfortunately he had quite a few which needed treatment... He’ll be on regular injections for the next 5 weeks and we will re-scope after to check for improvement. While he was sedated Rosco also had his teeth done as the vet commented on the fact they were a bit sharp. I could have told her that myself when he bit me last month, requiring 9 stitches in my lip!

Horse Dentist

Hopefully lockdown will be relaxed soon and we can re-start preparing for the the upcoming season. 

16 February 2021