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What Hope Pastures say
"Hope Pastures is a horse, pony and donkey sanctuary in Leeds, specialising in the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of equines throughout Yorkshire. We have equines on our inner city site here in Leeds, and in foster homes and retraining sites around the area. We have horses, ponies and donkeys on loan in private homes and we rely on kind donations of money, tack, knitted ponies, and people who volunteer their time to make sure our animals are well taken care of. We offer advice on equine care and management, welfare checks on equines in our area, and help with re-homing unwanted and abused equines. Our dog show raises much needed funds. Visit us at hopepastures.org for more information."

Proud Sponsors
At R&R Country we are exceptionally proud to be able to support Hope Pastures and have named them as our charity of the year again. They do some amazing work and we think the horses, ponies and donkeys in Yorkshire are very lucky to have them should they fall into the wrong hands and be in need of their help. The annual fun dog show will be held on Sunday 14th July from 10.30am to 3pm. It is a family day out and entrance is just £1 for adults and free for children. Class entry is £2 per class or £5 for 3 classes. If you fancy bringing your pooch there are lots of classes to choose from, such as 'Best Rescue' and 'Waggiest Tail' and 'Most Appealing Eyes.' There is even the chance to try your hand at Flyball and Agility as well as being able to watch the Tailwaggers Display Team. See the poster below for more details.

A recent rescue case
Freya is a young filly who was around 2 years old when she was rescued. She was part of a large scale rescue as she had been left to fend for herself along with other ponies, and as a result many of them were extremely sick and some did not survive their neglect. Because of her neglect Freya was discovered dehydrated, emaciated and very weak. She had never been wormed, so had a huge worm burden and this had caused Anaemia and intestinal damage. She also had a heavy burden of little visitors - lice crawling on her coat and feeding on her, which made her very itchy and also contributed to her Anaemia.

It took several months to get Freya up to full health. This involved a stay in hospital to be tested for specific illnesses and rare conditions. Freya was so weak that when she lay down to rest she was unable to get the strength to stand again. This meant weeks of intensive monitoring and care, where teams of staff had to work on a rota system to help Freya to stand once she had gone down. She needed a heat lamp and a deep bed, lots of special feed to meet her requirements to treat malnourishment, and lots of TLC.

To add to her problems, Freya also needed a heart scan as the vets discovered a heart murmur. She was found to have a hole in her heart, and is still being monitored regularly to make sure this doesn’t affect her daily life or compromise her ability to be a normal happy pony.

Soon Freya will need another heart scan to see if her condition has improved - hopefully the results will be promising. To see how much condition she has gained is really positive.

Freya has become a happy, healthy and beautiful young pony, who looks a thousand times better now that she has come out of the other side. She enjoys being in the field grazing, really appreciating every blade of grass she can get. The other ponies she lives with are both large and small, old and young and she gets along with them all. She is turning into quite a character and showing her personality, which is lovely to see. Before and after photos can be seen top and bottom. 


After photos rescue case


Hope pastures dog show

27 June 2019