Hope Pastures Rescued & Re-homed Show

Hope Pastures Rescued & Re-homed Show

We are really excited to be a part of the Hope Pastures Rescued and Rehomed Series  which celebrates rescued horses and their owners. Horse ownership is a huge commitment of both time and resources, however for owners of rescued horses this commitment is often doubled or tripled. The time that rescuers spend in helping their horses overcome, often deep rooted anxieties, tackling health conditions arising from poor management and just building general trust and condition is immense. 

On Monday one of our retail assistants, Katie, took a trip out to see the winner of the Hope Pastures Rescued and Re-homed show and to present the winner of the series, Marnie and her owner Debbie with their well deserved prize.

Here's what Katie had to say:

'It was a really fantastic day, the weather was lovely and Marnie really seemed to enjoy her photo shoot with all the sponsors. She stood beautifully the whole time. However, the same cannot be said of her stable mate trigger (another rescue horse) who decided it was time for a good scratch! 

Whilst visiting the yard I also managed to meet some of the other horses, many of which were also rescued. One of my favourites was a teeny tiny pony named Thimble, she was completely adorable. 

It was great to hear what the horses had overcome and the effort that their new owners have put into rehabilitating them, really is incredible.'


Marnie's Story

16 years ago Debbie, Marnie’s owner decided it was time to buy a horse after many years of loaning. She went to a local dealer to look for a 15.2 hh horse. Upon arrival she spotted a bedraggled looking approximately 14 hh pony tied up at the back. When approached the pony, she realised it was in poor condition with rain scald, a thick coat, covered in lice and with a head collar cutting into her face, which has left its mark on her nose.  She couldn’t bare to leave her so handed over her money, loaded her up and took her home. 

Once Debbie got Marnie home it became apparent that Marnie was a very scared horse. It took Debbie a long time to gain her trust, she even resorted to taking a book and just sitting in her stable and reading! That was 16 years ago and a now 20 year old Marnie is still with Debbie and the pair have a great bond. Marnie has done many things in her time; including various showing, teaching her owners children to ride and taking part in her local RDA. Marnie is an absolute credit to Debbie and the pair make a fantastic team. 

We would like to congratulate all the horses in the competition, especially the winners Marnie and Debbie, showing us all that rescue horses and ponies really can do anything!

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28 October 2016