Horse Coat Care: R&R Country's Grooming Box Essentials

Horse Grooming Essentials

Horse Grooming

Is your grooming kit fully stocked with all the essentials you need to complete the task at hand? There are many brushes and tools that are important to have in your grooming box, and they all serve a different purpose.

Grooming is an important aspect in looking after a horse, not only does it get your horse looking clean and sparkly, it also allows you go check their overall physical health and pinpoint any issues such as lumps and bumps. Grooming your horse is also a great bonding exercise and it can help build a solid relationship between the two of you - excellent for young or green horses that need to be desensitised to human interaction. 

Take a look at our grooming box essentials below and discover each of their purposes and how they work...

Dandy Brushes

Dandy Brushes

Dandy brushes are undoubtedly the top brush in all equestrian tack boxes. During a grooming session, they are often used initially to remove any dirt from the surface of the horse. The dandy brush consists of long stiff bristles that flick dirt off the body with a swift motion. It is important to mention however, that dandy brushes are not ideal for use on sensitive parts of the horse's body such as the face or underbelly - there are other brushes much more suited to this role.

Take a look at our selection of dandy brushes here: Dandy Brushes

Body Brushes

Hyshine Pro Groom Body Brush

Body brushes consist of much softer bristles that are ideal for using on sensitive areas of the horse such as the face and undercarriage. The fine bristles of the body brush sweep across your horse and remove fine dust and dirt from deep down in the coat. As these brushes work deeper in the coat, it is important to keep removing the residue from the brush to avoid it being re-embedded back into the coat - this would be a disaster after all your hard work!

Browse our range of body brushes here: Body Brushes

Hoof Picks 

Hoof Pick

Hoof picks are an essential part of all equestrian grooming boxes, after all your horse's hooves are what carry you when you're onboard in the saddle. Make sure you check your horse's legs and hooves when picking out their feet -  this is a great way of checking overall health before you tack up and ride.

Take a look at our hoof picks here: Hoof Picks

Mane & Tail Brushes 

Mane & Tail Brush

Mane and tail brushes are ideal for tackling thick manes and tails, and also getting rid of those pesky knots that linger. Mane and tail brushes often resemble human hair brushes, but they are great for getting a perfect finish on your horse's hair. 

Browse mane and tail brushes here: Mane & Tail Brushes

Mane Comb 

Mane Comb

Mane combs are similar to mane and tail brushes in their purpose, but instead of being in a brush form it is simply a hair comb. These are great for thinner manes and are ideal for parting your horse's hair for plaiting purposes.

Take a peek at our mane combs here: Mane Combs

Rubber Curry Comb 

Rubber Curry Comb

Rubber curry combs consist of small bumps, that when moved in a circular motion, can help remove mud and loose hair from the horse's body. Rubber curry combs are not to be mistaken with metal curry combs - metal curry combs are used for a completely different purpose and crafted with metal teeth to remove dirt from your brushes, not your horse.

Browse of range of curry combs here: Curry Combs

Sweat Scrapers

Sweat Scrapers

Sweat scarpers are also a grooming box essential in our eyes. Most horses will break a sweat after exercise, and it is therefore a good idea to wash them down with water afterwards. The sweat scraper comes into its element when you want to remove any excess water from the surface of your horse's coat. Sweat scrapers are often crafted with a rubber edge that collects the water and pushes it to the floor when scraped across your horse's coat.

Shop sweat scarpers by following the link here: Sweat Scrapers

Grooming Boxes & Bags

Grooming Boxes

Last but not least, you need somewhere to store all of your grooming essentials to ensure they stay clean when they're not in use! We stock a large variety of grooming bags and grooming boxes to suit every rider's taste and requirement. 

Take a look at our fantastic range of grooming boxes here: Grooming Boxes & Grooming Bags


04 June 2020