Horsepal - Create A Closer Connection To Your Horse

Horsepal - Create A Closer Connection To Your Horse


Brought to you by Horseware, Horsepal is a revolutionary piece of technology designed to improve your horse’s comfort and health. This app aids in the daily management of your horses’ welfare and provides owners with information to ensure their horses’ well-being is maintained.

The device can easily be fitted into any Horseware rug & allows owners to monitor their horse’s activity, temperature and humidity from their mobile phone/desktop, offering real time & historic data. This app works with a small sensor that sits underneath your horse’s rug, continuously monitoring temperature & humidity, allowing you to track your horse’s comfort levels and rug your horse appropriately. Your sensor will sync seamlessly with your Horsepal mobile app, letting you download and store data on your horse on your phone. 

It also features a stable management function & all info can be recorded in one place. It takes the guesswork out of your horse's optimum comfort levels.

The Horsepal App also offers a range of additional functions, such as:

  • Add unlimited yards and horses.
  • Add additional users, to monitor your horse when you’re away.
  • Record appointments, such as visits from the vet or farrier.
  • Keep a record of your horse’s breeding, passport details, and any other information you want to track.
  • Manage multiple horses inside the stable
  • Temperature & humidity readings every 15 minutes display in graphs
  • Rug recommender, weather forecast, complex algorithms to eliminate guesswork
  • Build family tree for all your horses
  • Store all your equine documentation, retrieve at the push of a button.

05 September 2018