Leather Care

Leather Care

Whatever you throw at your leather you want to keep it in tip top condition. Following these recommended tips, will help you prolong the life of your leather:

  • Give your tack a quick wipe with a damp sponge after every ride to remove grease and sweat. This will also mean it’s easier to clean when you do a weekly tack clean.
  • Do the same with leather boots after a ride, just quickly wipe over using a damp cloth or tack cleaning wipes.
  • It’s good practice to take your tack to pieces and thoroughly clean it every five times it’s used, i.e. for most of us this is approximately one good clean per week. This will ensure all dirt and grease is removed from awkward areas and helps to maintain the stitching. It also means that you will quickly spot any weak areas of stitching or issues with the leather.
  • Don’t store leather next to a direct heat source as this can dry it out and cause cracks. Clean and condition leather whilst it’s wet and leave to air dry naturally.
  • Store leather in cool and dry conditions to avoid mould and mildew growth.
  • If possible, find out what type of leather your boots/tack are made of. Different leathers require different care.
  • Apply a conditioner after cleaning to protect the leather, this will also keep it soft and supple.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as they will be able to advise you on how best to maintain the type of leather they use. Some of our leading manufacturers tips are below:

Fairfax Leather Care

  • Apply Rapide Leathergel to all surfaces before using new tack for the first time.
  • Use warm water to sponge away sweat and dirt after each use. A mild detergent can be added to the water.
  • Dry thoroughly. If necessary, use a clean towel.
  • When dry, apply Rapide Leathergel to all surfaces and rub in with a soft, clean cloth. 
  • NEVER use spray soap or glycerine or oil based products.
  • Never use wet tack and don't apply treatment products until the leather is thoroughly dry.

Dubarry Leather Care

Important information about our leather

Yard manure, waste liquids and salt water can be very corrosive to leather. To prolong performance and protection for your Dubarry footwear, always scrub them with a soft brush and rinse with fresh tap water after exposure.

When storing your boots you should follow these guidelines.

  1. Boots should be cleaned, dried and treated before storing for a prolonged period
  2. Boots will keep better shape over time when Dubarry boot trees are inserted
  3. Storage environment should be cool, dry and consistent
  4. Avoid storage in direct sunlight, or other extreme conditions

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Passier Leather Care

Download Passier’s leather care sheet here 

Fairfax & Favor Leather Care

How do I protect my boots/shoes?

We now offer a full range of both suede and leather protector and cleaners. We suggest to protect your boots or shoes once a month, to keep in perfect condition. Shop Now

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18 October 2016