New Brand On The Block: Benefits Of Feeding PureFlax

New Brand On The Block: Benefits Of Feeding PureFlax


Introducing PureFlax, our latest supplement brand that is created using 100% natural flax seed oil that provides numerous benefits for your animals, whether that be horse or dog! PureFlax also contains a full balance of natural Omega-3, 6 and 9. PureFlax is also noted to support mobility, coat shine and digestion to mention but a few!

Launched in 2012 by Nigel & Grace Liddle, PureFlax is a Yorkshire based family business that strives to provide horse and dog owners with premium products that are highly palatable, naturally low in sugar and an excellent source of slow release energy... 

Here at R&R Country, we are proud to be stockists of the full NOPS & FEMAS approved PureFlax range! Read on to discover the benefits of each product...

Pureflax Linseed Original

Gently cold-pressed in Yorkshire, using premium grade linseed, PureFlax Linseed Original is a fantastic alternative to micronised linseed. This product is ideal for promoting the condition of skin, coats and hoofs, as well as supporting a healthy immune system. The method of cold-pressing ensures the all important omega oils are retained.

PureFlax Linseed Oil

Grown, harvested, cold pressed and bottled on the family farm in Yorkshire, PureFlax Linseed Oil is highly palatable and easy to digest. Other benefits include, improved skin, coat and hoof condition, as well as immune system support. Interestingly, research has indicated that PureFlax Linseed Oil can also reduce the build-up of lactic acid in muscles (the main cause of fatigue in horses). 

Pureflax For Dogs/Horses

PureFlax is an excellent multi supplement for dogs and horses. Pureflax For Dogs/Horses is created from100% natural cold pressed flax oil, bottled and distributed straight from the farm which allows 100% traceability from the field to the bottle.

Pureflax Linseed Oil For Dogs

PureFlax Linseed Oil for dogs provides multiple health benefits including skin and coat condition. It also helps to sustain mobility and flexibility in dogs. The omega oils (3 and 6) provide multiple health benefits for owners that demand the best for their pets! Simply pour over your dog's regular food to reap the benefits! The liquid form is also ideal for improving palatability, especially if your dog is fed on a dry diet! 

Pureflax Veteran Formula With Added Turmeric & Black Pepper

This supplement is ideal for horses aged 15 years or more! Formulated by experts, with high levels of Omega 3, and balanced levels of Omega 6 - excellent for improving skin and coat condition. The added ingredient of turmeric and black pepper, is notably excellent at providing nutritional and digestive support for the senior horse. The PureFlax veteran formula is naturally low in sugar, and excellent at providing slow release energy - a great  option for horses that are in light to medium work. Feed this palatable supplement along with their usual diet for no-fizz energy, and improved immunity, inflammatory and respiratory support. 

Pureflax Advanced Dog Formula With Added Turmeric & Black Pepper

Naturally high in omega 3 with balanced levels of Omega 6, the PureFlax Advanced Dog Formula provides support to working dogs and those that would benefit from support with joint mobility, coat condition, skin health, immune, digestive and respiratory systems!

07 May 2020