New Scruffs Insect Shield Range

New Scruffs Insect Shield Range

Brand new pet range from Scruffs

Scruffs have teamed up with Insect Shield to design a range of pet bedding and accessories that have insect protection built in to the fabric. These revolutionary new products will help protect your pet against Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Flies & Ants.

What is Insect Shield?

Insect Shield was originally developed for the US Military to provide insect protection to troops on duty. A proprietary permethrin formula is tightly bound to fabric fibres, creating an effective odourless insect repellent. The insect repellent properties of Insect Shield apparel is EPA-registered to last for 70 washes.

Permethrin, is a synthetic variation of an insect repellent substance that occurs naturally in some crystanthemum plants. Permethrin has been used for years as an effective insect repellent and is the main ingredient of most lice and flea treatments for pets.

Scruffs Insect Shield Bed Range

The Scruffs Insect Shield Bed range are constructed from lightweight fabrics making them ideal for use in the summer months. The range includes a box bed, a padded mattress bed, a crate mat and a blanket.

These beds would make the perfect addition to any camping trip, as the lightweight properties lend themselves to being easily transported, plus the Insect Shield will help repel pesky bugs from disturbing your dog.  

COMING SOON! Scruffs Insect Shield Dog Apparel

Your dog will look the part and stay protected with the Scruffs range of Insect Shield Apparel. The range includes a bandana, a snood and a breathable dog vest. These are the perfect accessories for the active canine as they will ensure your pooch is protected from a host of common troublesome insects, wherever your next adventure takes you.

All the Scruffs Insect Shield products can be used in conjunction with, & add to the effectiveness of existing Flea & Tick treatments.


11 May 2017