Our New Year Goals

Our New Year Goals

New Year New Goals

With the New Year fast approaching many of us make New Year’s resolutions that we can’t and won’t keep. We decided it was time to come up with more realistic goals. Many of our staff have got involved and shared with us their horsey goals for 2017, and the products they think would help them achieve their goals (or they just really really want!)

Katie from the Web Office is desperate to see if her ex-polo pony Toby will jump. Katie got Toby in September so the pair are still getting to know each other. Katie would love a Charles Owen AYR8 Leather Look with Piping Riding Hat to look the part in the Show Jumping arena.


Our admin assistant Hannah is just hoping to find more time to ride her horse, Bobby. With a young daughter and a full time job Hannah hasn’t had as much time for Bobby as she would like. She is looking forward to getting Bobby back to fitness so they can compete in unaffiliated Showjumping and Dressage. Hannah is desperate for some new riding boots and loves the Ariat Ladies Bromont Boots.

Molly one of our Selby Store retail assistants is hoping to get her pony Cracker walking in a straight line sensibly. Cracker tore a suspensory ligament and is slowly being brought back into work and is often quite excitable. Molly’s must have for this year are Equilibrium’s Stretch and Flex Training wraps to help support and protect Cracker’s legs.


Amateur eventer and Selby Assistant Store Manager Lizzie and her horse Stan have had a 2016 filled with ups and downs. After a successful season eventing it was found that Stan needed a bilateral stifle operation. The op was a success however initially Stan made slow progress and struggled with the confinements of box rest. He’s now back on track and being regularly walked out. Lizzie’s goal for 2017 is to bring him back into work and get back on board. The product she couldn’t live without going into 2017 is PharmaQuin Joint Supplement.


Yasmin and her ex-racehorse Tigger are hoping to get out competing in Dressage this year. Yasmin has put loads of work into improving Tigger’s flatwork to help increase his suppleness and balance. Yasmin is looking to purchase a Thorowgood T8 Surface Block High Wither Dressage Saddle in 2017.


For Katie one of our Barn retail assistants, 2017 is all about tackling her horse Annabel’s weight. Annabel is a Halflinger and is described by Katie as being able to survive ‘on air’. Katie is hoping that a Greenguard Grazing Muzzle will help reduce Annabel’s grass intake and withstand the might of Annabel.

Showing enthusiast Lauren is hoping to continue improving her horse Katie’s flatwork over the year to improve their success in the show ring. Lauren’s must have purchase for the New Year is a Prolite Girth, to help improve Katie’s comfort and enable her to open up more in her strides.

Vicky looks after and rides a friends horse, Nelson. Vicky is hoping to work on hacking Nelson out next year as he often gets very excited and can pop in the odd buck. To help achieve her goal she is looking for a new body protector to offer her protection and improve her confidence whilst out hacking.

We'd love to hear about your goals for you and your horses and the products you'd love to own to help achieve them. Look our for competition coming soon on our FB page for your chance to win a £50 R&R voucher to put towards your must have product for 2017.

30 December 2016