Panting Pooches: Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat

Heatstroke in dogs

Heat Stroke In Dogs

The weather is heating up and the BBQs have made their reappearance over the weekend, however did you know that heat can be harmful to your dog in numerous ways. 

Hot weather is not pleasant for dogs, especially if they are unfortunate enough to have thick coats or short, flat noses such as pugs! The main problem that arises in dogs, due to warm weather, is known as 'Heatstroke'. Heatstroke in dogs occurs when they have a high temperature, that is not related to a fever or illness, that they are unable to regulate - heatstroke can lead to organ damage and sadly can be fatal. 

According to animal experts, it does not have to be extremely hot for heatstroke to occur! Even temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius can be dangerous.

This is why we have compiled some helpful tips to keep your dogs happy and cool during the warm weather... Let's begin.

Stay Indoors 

Dog Inside

It may seem backwards in terms of logic, but being indoors during 'peak heat' is much better for your four-legged friends. Many foreign countries venture inside during the hottest part of the day and take a siesta! 

Keep them out of rooms such as conservatories and orangeries, as these can rapidly become very hot and dangerous for dogs. Providing a shaded spot in the house, perhaps with air-conditioning or a blow fan, will help keep your dog cool and comfortable.

Time Your Walks 

Dog Walk

Don't take your dog out at peak times, for example at midday, as these times are often the hottest and most dangerous. Try walking your dog before 8am when the sun is fairly low in the sky and not as powerful. Likewise, walking your dog in the evening is best to be done after sun-set, to allow the air to cool down and the ground to become bearable to the touch.

Before you do take your dog for a walk, remember to test the temperature of the pavement to ensure it is not too hot for your pooch. Hot pavements can be incredibly damaging on your dog's pads - road materials such as tarmac absorb the heat all day long and can burn your dog's feet if they walk on it. Before you do walk your dogs, test the tarmac or pavement with your hand - if you cannot withstand it for 7 seconds, it is too hot for your dog. 

Provide Plenty Of Water

Dog Drinking Water

It may sound simplistic, but the amount of water a dog drinks in the heat increases, and they can often finish off their bowl unnoticed. Water is incredibly important all year round for dogs, but especially in the warm weather, as without it, a dog can become severely dehydrated.

Dogs may also like the option to submerge their whole body in water to keep them cool. Providing a pool of cold water has become popular among dog owners, and often dogs find it a great way to play and keep cool at the same time. If your dog is a water baby, why not take a look at our Rosewood Cool Down Foldable Pool.

Provide Shade

Dog In Shade

If your dog is outside, for example if they live outside, ensure they have access to a shaded area so they can move out of the sun. Trees are great at providing natural shade, but if you do not have any vegetation to use, try using a shady parasol.

Providing a cool surface for them to lay down on is also incredibly beneficial at bringing their body temperature down on a hot day. The Scruffs Self Cooling Mat and the Rosewood Pet Cool Mat are excellent products for keeping your dog cool. They work purely with kinetic energy and become cool when the dog puts their weight on the mat. 

We hope you have taken some tips and tricks from the blog to help keep your dog cool in the heat. Remember to monitor their behaviour and if you do suspect that they are suffering with heatstroke, consult your vet immediately. 

01 June 2020