Pets In Paradise: Reasons Why Pets Are Making Lockdown More Bearable

Pets In Paradise: Reasons Why Pets Are Making Lockdown More Bearable

Pets during lockdown

Is your pet helping you through lockdown? It's okay to admit it, we are all talking to them on a daily basis and it turns out they are very good listeners... They are always there to provide companionship, even when the social distancing regulations are creating boundaries. Unknowingly, pets provide us with structure in our unusual routines, and they are always willing to reduce stress and anxiety during these uncertain times... 

Social Beings 

Animals are social beings, and just like us, they require interaction to feel fulfilled and happy in themselves. If you live alone, pets can fulfil our basic human need of touch. Stroking or cuddling your pet has numerous health benefits... Studies have shown that people who interacted with their pets, through touch, have lower blood pressure and overall feel less anxious! 

Beagle Dog

Easing Loneliness 

Pets are great companions, especially if you live alone... Studies have shown that owning a pet can add years onto your life! Living alone is not a nice thought, and individuals that are hit with isolation can often suffer with loneliness and mental health issues. Pets are great at making you feel wanted and loved, especially dogs - their tails are always wagging and they are always happy to see you! Talking to your pets is also a great way of offloading anxieties and stress too... You never know, they might come back with an answer one day!

Dog cuddleRoutine 

Like us human beings, pets thrive off a routine and they seems to know when the clock reaches 'lunch time'. Horses often know when you are due at the yard and some horses even wait at the gate for the arrival of their owners. These routines not only keeps your pets happy, it also provides some structure to your daily routine during lockdown too. A routine offers much more than structure, it also helps to keep you calm and collected during these difficult times. 

Regular Exercise 

Did somebody say walkies? Owning a pet has numerous health benefits, including physical well-being! Owning a pet is known to keep you fit, especially if you are regularly walking your dog or riding your horse. Research has indicated that individuals who own dogs are far more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements, and consequently they will be healthier, have reduced blood pressure and a lower cholesterol. 

Dog Walks

Play Time

Playing with your pet is great to pass the hours of the day, and it also provides health benefits too. Not only will your dog enjoy the attention, your serotonin and dopamine levels will rise too - these hormones increase your mood, and overall they will help with your mental well-being.

Dog Playing

It is clear to see that owning a pet has multiple benefits, especially during these challenging times. As well as your own well-being, it is also important to consider your pets well-being under the lockdown restrictions. Take your time to ensure they are happy and well in themselves, and in return they will certainly make quarantine more bearable.

01 May 2020