Are You Ready For Pony Club Camp?

Are You Ready For Pony Club Camp?

School's out for summer! Do you have a little one heading out to Pony Club Camp this summer? Or perhaps you have a riding holiday planned for yourself? Whichever it may be, we have compiled a checklist for all your equestrian camping essentials.


Saddlery is probably the most important aspect when packing for camp (apart from the pony/horse itself!). You will need:

  • Saddle (do you have more than one for each discipline?) 
  • Bridle (remember your bits if you change them for each discipline!) 
  • Girth 
  • Stirrups & leathers
  • Studs (depending on ground etc)
  • Horse boots (brushing boots, tendon boots, fetlock boots, overreach boots)
  • Additional leatherwork (martingales, neck straps or breastplates) 
  • Saddle pads (plenty to swap when they get sweaty or dirty)
  • Ear bonnets/fly hoods (depending if you use them)
  • Headcollar & lead rope 
  • Rugs (stable rugs, fly rugs or turnout rugs) 
  • Travel boots & travel accessories (getting to and from camp)


A well turned out horse/pony is a must at camp. We recommend packing: 

  • Your regular grooming kit 
  • Sponge and sweat scraper 
  • Coat shine spray
  • Fly repellent 
  • Shampoos 
  • Hoof oil 
  • First aid kit (horse and rider)

Tack Cleaning 

Just like grooming, tack and turnout is another aspect of Pony Club camp that is very important! Remember to pack your tack cleaning kit for spotless tack every time. 

  • Saddle soap/leather cleaner 
  • Wash bowl and sponge 
  • Leather oil 
  • Quick use wipes 


The 'stable' checklist is required if you're staying over (boarding) - some camps are just run through the day, but if you and your horse are boarding you will need to consider some of your yard and stable equipment. As these items are large and bulky, you could team up with a friend and share these bits - this will take up less room on your camping trip! 

  • Wheelbarrow 
  • Fork or shovel
  • Sweeping brush/broom 
  • Poop scoop 
  • Buckets (feed and water) 
  • Feed storage bins
  • Haynets 
  • Feed & bedding 
  • Plenty of pony treats

Riding Clothing 

Camping with your horse/pony can involve some dirty work, so make sure you're packed up with plenty of clothes for riding and yard duties! 

  • Riding boots 
  • Riding hat (skull cap) 
  • Hat silk/cover
  • Body protector
  • Light coloured breeches/jodhpurs 
  • Show jacket 
  • Show shirt 
  • Tie (pony club) 
  • Badge (pony club) 
  • Riding socks 
  • Everyday jodhpurs 
  • Everyday riding tops/base layers 
  • Riding gloves 
  • Whip
  • Yard boots/wellington boots 
  • Waterproofs (if the weather is bad!)

Camping Bits

If you're staying over, you will need to remember your camping bits. Depending on the camp, you may have a dormitory, but if you're out camping you may need a camping bed or tent!  

  • Tent 
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Extra blankets 
  • Pillows 
  • Toiletries 
  • Towel
  • Nightwear 
  • Torch/flash light 
  • Snacks! 

02 August 2022