R&R Country Bramham 50g Standard Neck Turnout Rug: A Review

R&R Country Bramham 50g Standard Neck Turnout Rug: A Review

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Hello! I'm Yasmin, you will usually find me in the saddlery department at our Selby store, but today I am here to talk about our fantastic own brand rugs... As the weather changes and the rain comes pounding down, my inner softy comes out and of course I needed to purchase a little rug to keep my hairy, mini coblet dry and warm. Choosing a rug was an easy decision for myself - as an R&R Country employee I decided to try out the new rug range that was released earlier in the year.

Horse having fun

My little Barney (pictured above) only wears a rug when it rains therefore I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I obviously wanted a good quality rug that fitted well and of course one that would withstand the weather. In much deliberation, I decided to go for the 50g standard neck rug, as he is a companion and therefore not clipped (he has ample coat to keep him warm, so he only needs a little bit of fill for breathability reasons). Also, due to his fabulous flowing mane, I didn’t want to put a neck on him and cause any unwanted rubbing.

Upon first impressions, I was very impressed with the overall fit of the rug, it was plenty long enough to completely cover his belly - the nice big tail flap also ensured no wind crept up his back end. The front fastening buckles make it quick and easy to do up and the neck fits perfectly flush so no water can run underneath - I especially like the two options you get for the front fastening, so whether you have a chunky or slightly finer neck, you are able to achieve a perfect fit.

Straight away my little man made sure he put the rug to the test - he loves to run, roll and play! Of course, the biggest test was going to be in the rain. We had two whole days of continuous rain the second day was extremely heavy at times. As my horses are turned out at 6.30am and brought in at 5pm with no shelter or trees whatsoever in their fields, even I was expecting the worst at this point as it really had been awful. As I plodded down to the field in the dark, I was greeted by two very wet and soggy ponies. I got him in and removed the rug... Much to my delight not only was he completely bone dry, the rain hadn’t seeped in around his neck!

Horse Turnout Rugs

Overall, I have been more than happy with this rug - the fit, durability and the smart design of this light and attractive rug really makes it my 'go-to' rug when the weather turns on us.

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07 December 2020