Horse Rug Review: Rambo Bundle Duo

Rambo duo bundle rug review 2019 Rambo rug combo rug

Rambo duo bundle rug review 2019 Rambo rug combo rug

Horse turnout rugs

Like all horse owners, the comfort and protection offered by a rug is my number one priority when looking to keep my pride and joy warm and dry throughout the winter months. I’ll be the first to admit that I’d cut corners by buying cheap horse rugs and looking after them in the past to save money, however after years of a rubbing mane on a show pony, something had to change.

The ultimate Horseware rug

We recently had training from a Horseware rep which focused on the all-singing, all-dancing Rambo Duo combo rug and I was taken in by the benefits – but wary of the price tag, which was at least double what I’ve ever spent on a horse rug before. Our rep promised that I wouldn’t regret investing and that general maintenance would be considerably easier, so I took the plunge and prayed I’d be able to justify the unexpected spend.

Rug fitting and fill

When fitting the rug I was pleasantly surprised that everything fit perfectly: the neck deep enough to avoid mane rubbing, but not so long that my pony lost her ears every time she moved her head up and down. The depth of the rug isn’t too long which allows it to contour exactly to the horse’s body, and the straps to sit and fit exactly where they should. The tail flap also offers full coverage of the horse’s bum without having to opt for longer sizes. As this is a liner system turnout rug you’re covered for all temperatures without having to change between 4 different rugs. The outer is a standard 100g turnout rug, and the Rambo Duo bundle also includes 100g and 300g liners - so you literally have the choice between a lightweight turnout rug, medium, and heavy rug all in one. As well as being much easier to handle, this makes the Rambo rug much lighter for the horse so they can enjoy their days without lugging around a hefty weight on their back.

Rambo duo rug bundle on horse rambo rug review 2019

Prinn modelling her new Rambo rug

Technical features

Now for the technical bits! The rug itself is a 1000D ballistic nylon, making it one of the strongest outer rugs on the current market. It also offers a V-front closure taking away any pressure around the shoulder, and the unique design on the leg arches mean the horse has optimum freedom of movement. The detachable neck means my pony can be fully covered without the risk of rubbing her mane, and the handy reflective strips allow me to find her easily in the field on these dark winter evenings. Finally, my favourite thing about this horse rug is the thermobonded fibrefill which gives maximum heat retention without the heaviness of a standard fill in rugs.

Rambo rug review

My pony has now been in the Rambo dry rug for a few months and already encountered heavy rain, wind and hailstones – despite this, she has come in every evening dry as a bone and nice and toasty. The best thing is that the rug is waterproof guaranteed for 3 years, and the liners themselves are so light I can pop in my washing machine at home – so there’ll be no more big bills from the cleaners!

The final verdict

I really am over the moon with this rug and know the technology and knowledge that’s gone into it gives my horse everything she needs to have a pleasant winter, whatever the weather. It was certainly an investment, but definitely one worth making!

I'd honestly give it 5 stars out of 5.

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18 December 2019