Should you share your bed with your dog? To share or not to share…

Should you share your bed with your dog?

 Dog sleeping

Whether or not you should share your bed with your pet has long been a controversial topic among dog owners. Many dog owners will happily invite their dogs into their bed as they believe sharing is caring. However, many dog owners strongly state that the bed is out of bounds! Here at R&R Country, we are a little torn with this topic and needed to do some research to weigh things up! We have listed some positives of bed sharing, and some negatives too! Take a look below!

Yes... Sharing is caring 

Dog relaxing

  • Scientific evidence has arisen over the past few years which suggests interaction with your pets helps you relax – perfect for helping you get to sleep. A human natures study found that being around dogs increases our oxytocin, a hormone that creates happiness. If this is not a reason to cuddle up with your pooch, I am not sure what is!
  • Feelings of safety and security can also be improved by having your dog close by. Dogs that sleep light are always going to react to disturbances in the night, alerting their owners if there is anything untoward happening. Feeling safe and secure in your sleep improves sleep quality no end!
  • Many studies have found that exposure to dog microbiomes can help boost your own immune system, reduce the development of allergies and asthma.
  • Sharing a bed with your dog will also keep you toasty and warm on a colder night. Toasty cuddles and a lower heating bill… what more do you want?

For the dog owners that love sharing their beds, we have listed a few products that could help your shared arrangement run smoothly. Make sure your pooch is always as fresh as a daisy and free from unwanted visitors with the Animology Flea & Tick Shampoo (always make sure your wormer is up-to-date). Dry down with a Ruff & Tumble Country Dog Drying Coat before an early night.

No... The bed is out of bounds

  • Dogs are not the cleanest of creatures, and where there is a muddy puddle there will be a wet muddy dog! Dogs can carry muck on their paws and undercarriage - this may transfer onto your bed covers if not wiped off.
  • Achoooo! Unfortunately, not every dog is hypoallergenic! Dogs that moult their coat can become a real issue for owners that suffer with allergies. If your pooch loses its hair, it may not be wise to allow them into bed with you…
  • Wriggly dog bums can interrupt your sleep quality by quite a large percentage. I’m sure some of you have woken up with a dog around your head or laid across your chest!
  • Sharing a bed with your dog can sometimes cause aggression and dominance. It is important not to let your dog become dominant over you – this is where the more complex issue could arise.
  • Separation anxiety in dogs can sometimes be hard to ignore but giving in can cause issues. If your dog cries when away from you it is best to persevere and let them adapt to being alone.

If you are a dog owner that prefers to keep the sleeping arrangements separate, we have selected some plush dog beds that we know your dog will love! For the designer dogs check out our Wrendale Dog Print Bed. For pooches that prefer to sprawl try the Scruffs Chester Divan Mattress. Waterproof for the potty training stages – we have you covered with our Digby & Fox Waterproof Dog Beds. With a multitude of sizes and styles, we are sure you and your pooch will find something suitable here at R&R Country.

Dog in basket

Overall, there are many pros and cons to having your pet share your bed – we believe it is down to personal choice. There is no right or wrong way to look after your dog, it is really based on what works best for you and your dog. What are your thoughts on bed sharing with your dog? We would love to hear from you in the comments section!


13 June 2019