Stable Bound Horse Causing You Stress? 4 Simple Ways To Bust Boredom On Box Rest

Stable Bound Horse Causing You Stress? 4 Simple Ways To Bust Boredom On Box Rest

Box rest

With the torrential amount of rain and strong winds that have recently battered the nation, it is no surprise that our paddocks and grazing have become submerged in a sea of muddy water… With no alternative options our four-legged friends have been forced to spend their days in the confinement of their stables.

Here at R&R Country, we understand that horses can become quickly agitated and unsettled when quarantined in their stalls – after all horses are creatures of habit, and a change in routine can cause a great deal of unwanted stress (for both horse and owner). Need some assistance? Take a look at our top 4 tips for busting boredom if your horse is on box rest.

Horse Toys

Box rest poses the potential for vice development such as cribbing and weaving. Horses tend to adopt these traits in a bid to entertain themselves. Luckily, horses can be entertained easily with various toys when stalled for a lengthy period of time.

The Likit Two Tone Boredom Breaker is a great product for busting boredom. With a high level of difficulty, and with multi-directional movement, this toy is sure to provide hours of entertainment for food orientated horses. For horses on a diet the Horseman’s Pride Romp N Roll Jolly Ball may be an alternative product to bust boredom. This ball on a rope can be thrown, kicked and tugged - made to be extra durable ensuring the fun is never-ending.

Treats & Food

Treats are a great way of entertaining your four-legged friend, especially if they are food orientated. Why not try a little game and make your horse work for the treat? 'Carrot stretches' are a great way of maintaining suppleness in the stall - it is also great fun too! We have included a video to show you how much fun you could have with your horse.


Horses that are on box rest will undoubtedly miss muddy rolls among the grass! With that in mind, it is down to you to provide a grooming session to minimise any itching or irritations your horse may obtain on box rest – we are sure they will also enjoy the pamper session too! If you want to truly spoil your horse, why not try the Solobrush. Grooming your horse can also assist in stimulating their circulatory system - ideal for horses on box rest, as movement is generally limited during this time.

Multiple Forage

According to the The Equine Behaviour and Training Association (EBTA), horses on box rest should be provided with multiple forage to replicate the normal grazing behaviour. To achieve this, try splitting the components of their dinner, or perhaps fill a few buckets up with various forage, such as dried grass, hay or haylage. The variety will give your horse choice and therefore limit boredom.

We hope you found these simple boredom busting tips useful and that your box resting horses are happy and entertained. We all have our fingers crossed in hope that the weather will dry up in the coming weeks and our horses can frolic freely!


04 March 2020