Rambo Micklem Bridle - Recommended By Customers

Rambo Micklem Bridle - Recommended By Customers

Elisha bought a Micklem Bridle for her ex-racehorse Lucky and was bowled over by the improvements she saw. 

Here's what she had to say:

"Lucky is a 6 year old ex-racehorse, and being a typical thoroughbred he can be very sensitive. I have had him for just over a year and his retraining is going very well, but I have always found that he is quite touchy around his head, particularly his lower jaw and mouth, meaning that when schooling he would throw his head around a lot and I couldn’t achieve any form of contact and Lucky wouldn’t work in a true outline.

I had tried to alleviate the problem with different noseband/bit variations as well as schooling and lunging techniques but I just couldn’t seem to get the result I wanted. He would still flinch away when I did his noseband or flash strap up, so he would be tense from tacking up to dismounting. With him being an ex-racehorse, I initially thought it was a behavioural problem instead of a physiological problem.

I had heard that the Micklem bridle was ‘a kind and sympathetic bridle for horses that are sensitive in the mouth’. So I decided to give it a try.

I noticed a difference immediately. Lucky didn’t flinch away when I did the straps up, and when riding he was much happier in his mouth and overall more relaxed. The Micklem is designed to avoid sensitive areas. Pressure is generally minimised and more evenly distributed. There is much less movement which helps Lucky settle and accept the bit more.

I have been really impressed with the results we have achieved since using the Micklem. Lucky is much more accepting and relaxed in his ridden work. It’s been an encouraging experience, so much so I don’t think I’ll be using a different kind of bridle anytime soon."

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19 January 2017