Staff Recommended Product: Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots

Staff Recommended Product: Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots

For many riders brushing boots are an essential piece of  kit, but with so many  on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Yasmin from our Selby saddlery department has found her perfect brushing boot ‘Woof Wear Club Brushing Boot’ and tells us all about why she thinks they are the brushing boots for her and her ex-racehorse ‘Tigger’.

"Practical, Reliable and Affordable"

“I had used Woof Wear brushing boots previously on a pony I shared and so when I purchased Tigger last year I decided to buy some for him.

Initially I used them for all ridden and groundwork which means anywhere from 3 to 6 days a week. Tigger only brushes now and again but I like to know that he is protected just in case. I wanted a light weight boot which would not cause unnecessary sweating but still protect his legs when he does catch himself. These boots could not be any more perfect for that reason.

I have recently started turning Tigger out in the field in them everyday. They are withstanding daily use in the field really well and are definitely value for money.

The boots are easy to fit, use and clean. They offer a lovely comfortable fit  and they have never slipped or moved.  For me and Tigs they are an ideal everyday boot and I’d recommend them to everyone.

They are a classic design that I don’t think you can beat. The price is great for the quality and durability of the boots. There’s a great range of colours available meaning I can match the boots to my saddlepad. I now have three different colours and keep adding to my collection!”

Woof Wear Club Brushing Boot Specification

  • 5.5 mm PX closed cell neoprene

  • Light and flexible even when wet – does not retain water

  • Hard wearing strike pad with added padding

  • Recessed stitching for longer life


  1. Make sure that the horses leg is clean and dry and that the hair has been smoothed down.
  2. Place the padded part of the boot to the inside of the leg.
  3. Fasten the middle strap first and then the other straps ensuring even tension on all straps. The boot should sit snugly around the leg without being too tight or too loose.
  4. In order to check that the boots won’t interfere with the horse when it moves, flex the horses leg and check that no skin or fur is being pinched or pulled on the flexed side of the joint. When you are happy that the boot is allowing the joint to flex check that the bottom strap is sitting above the fetlock. You are aiming to give the horse as much coverage without interfering with the joints.

Washing Instructions:

  • Close all straps prior to washing
  • Machine wash at 30°C, gentle spin
  • DO NOT tumble dry
  • DO NOT leave boots in strong sunlight

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11 March 2016