The Fairfax Performance Bridle Range

The Fairfax Performance Bridle Range

About this revolutionary new bridle range

Developed by Fairfax, an English company who are quickly becoming renowned for their scientific development of tack. They are continually striving to effectively reduce pressure on horses when ridden, and as a result enhances horses performance. Their products are becoming increasingly popular with some of Britain's top riders and their Performance Girth was hailed by Horse and Hound as Team GB’s secret weapon in the London 2012 Olympics. Their product range and success keeps growing.

The Performance Bridle is the only bridle to have been designed and developed using pressure mapping (by Pliance) and gait analysis (by Centuar Biomechanics).

Our testing and research into different bridle designs identified six key areas of peak pressure, common to most bridles:

  • back edge of headpiece
  • front of headpiece
  • under the browband 
  • under the front of the noseband 
  • under the back of the noseband
  • over the crown of the head

Further scientific study proves that the reduction in bridle pressure afforded by the Fairfax Performance Bridle significantly improves range of movement, extension and flexion in competition horses.

In addition to reducing pressure, the Fairfax Performance Bridle enhances the horse’s comfort by improving stability.

In Shaun Mandry's blog on Horse and Hound he explains how the Fairfax Bridle helped to even out pressure on one side. In his usual bridle the left rein peaked with a higher pressure than the right, however in the Fairfax Bridle the pressure evened out showing only a slight difference.

"Horses wearing the Fairfax Performance Bridle consistently record significantly greater hock flexion, knee flexion and forelimb protraction. Riders can feel this improvement in movement and experience a greater harmony with their horse."

Watch the Fairfax Performance Bridle Testing Video

This bridle is designed to be fitted to your horse and as such cannot be bought off the shelf. You need to arrange for a fitting by one of our trained members of staff, who will measure up and advise you on the size you need. 

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Fairfax Performance Bridle Features:

  • Swarovski decoration on browbands
  • Fixed Headpiece
  • Bridle types: Snaffle or double
  • Noseband choices: Crank or drop
  • Wavy browband designed to follow the contour of the horses head
  • Reduces pressure by up to 84%
  • Reduces force by up to 77%
  • Hand-stitched and made in Walsall, England
  • Quality buckles and metalwork
  • Made using first selection Sedgwick’s bridle leather
  • Fully lined with Prolite which is proven to disperse pressure
  • UK Patent Application Nos 2517150A, GB15202802.8

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The findings of all the research used to develop the Fairfax Performance Bridle have recently been reported in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.    

04 June 2018