Maintaining Good Pasture: 5 Reasons You Should Poo Pick Your Field

Maintaining Good Pasture:  5 Reasons You Should Poo Pick Your Field

Poo Picking

Poo picking is not the nicest of chores, but it is certainly an important one... Poo picking is a crucial aspect in the maintenance of good pasture and turnout. Ignoring this task could land you and your horse in trouble. Here's our top 5 reasons why you should be poo picking your horse's field on a regular basis.


Worms are nasty parasites that can cause serious health implications if left unattended. Worm eggs and larvae are deposited through your horse's droppings - these young parasites thrive in the environment manure provides. When horses are grazing around piles of manure, they can easily ingest worms that end up in their digestive tracts. This is why it is imperative to poo pick your fields on a regular basis, therefore reducing the chance of your horse obtaining worms.

It is important to note that you can never fully eradicate these pesky parasites but can can take simple steps to limit the chances of your horse becoming infected... Poo picking among them, and always keeping your horse's wormer up-to-date. 


You're sure to have noticed the way flies surround a pile of horse manure, these are the flies that could potentially be irritating your horse at grazing... A simple solution to reducing the amount of flies in your paddock is to remove the incentive that flies come for... the piles of manure in your paddock! 

Kills Vegetation 

Leaving piles of poo around your paddock is known to kill the vegetation beneath and discourage re-growth. This is bad news when you're limited in grazing facilities. To keep your paddocks in tip-top condition, remove the piles of manure to allow the grass beneath to breath and receive enough sunlight to regrow. 


Poo picking is also a great way to observe the condition of your paddock. While you are walking around your horse's field, take note of any damage or potential health hazards that could be lurking among the long grass. Early detection of issues such as damaged fencing, pot holes, or misplaced rubbish could prevent an accident occurring. 


Finally, piles of poo are not a pretty sight for anyone on the yard, including your horse. Your horse's paddock is the equivalent to your garden space, it should be an area to relax and enjoy. Ensure your horse can do just this by cleaning up their poo piles - I am sure they will thank you for it!

There are multiple reasons why poo picking your field is a very important task, and although it can be quite monotonous and a little smelly, you should ensure it is done on a regular basis. 

Why not get yourself kitted up with poo pickers and wheelbarrows to make the job a little more bearable? Happy poo picking everyone! 

13 April 2020