What should I take to Pony Club camp?

What should I take to pony club camp?

What should I take to pony club camp

Summer is upon us and for many lucky young riders, that means Pony Club camp is just around the corner. It can look like the list of things you need to pack is never-ending, but much of it you will already have at home. Never the less it's always nice to have the odd new thing to take with you. We've put together a kit list to give you an idea of things you may need to take. We do also recommend seeking out your DC for a kit list specific to your branch. Sleeping and eating arrangements can vary the items you'll need, as can anything that might be provided for you such as hay and wheelbarrows. It's definitely worth all the effort though for a week spent with friends and ponies!

For the rider:
- Pony club approved riding hat/jockey skull - click for more details and accepted standards
- Waterproof jacket
- Several sets of riding clothes, including long sleeve shirts, cream or beige jodhpurs, gloves, Pony Club tie and badge.
- Jodhpur Boots (black/brown) and jodhpur clips
- Tweed hacking jacket or black/navy show jacket - check with your branch
- Change of clothes in case of wet weather
- Several changes of underwear and socks
- Clothes for mucking out (not your clean riding clothes!)
- Wellies
- Body protector - up to Pony club approved standard - click for more details
- Sun hat, sun cream
- Toiletries
- Towels
- Pyjamas + extra layers in case it is cold overnight
- Hairbrush, hair bands and hair nets
- Pillow, sleeping bag, air bed + extra cover in case it is cold overnight
- Cup, plate, bowl, cutlery and tea towel - check with your branch.
- Pony Club file, manual, pen/pencil, notebook

For the pony:
- Your normal set of tack - this may need to be plain - check with your branch
- saddle cloths/numnahs - these may need to be black, brown, navy or white and contoured to the shape of your saddle - check with your branch.
- Brushing boots and over reach boots
- Fly repellent
- Stable rug/sheet and turnout rug or fly rug (if needed)
- Cooler
- Headcollar & leadrope
- Grooming kit e.g. body brush, dandy brush, curry comb, hoof pick, sweat scraper
- Plaiting bands
- First aid kit
- Tack cleaning kit, e.g. saddle soap, sponge and small bucket
- Tools for mucking out e.g. shavings fork, wheelbarrow (if not provided)
- Water bucket
- Feed buckets
- Hoof oil and brush
- Tail bandage
- Set of stable bandages and gamgee/bandage pads
- Haynets
- Feed - enough to last the week

11 July 2019