Pampered Pooch: 4 Easy Dog Grooming Tips

Dog grooming tips

Are you one of the many people who has a dog that requires regular grooming? If so, we have compiled some easy grooming tips to help keep your dog comfortable in their coat this summer.

Depending on what breed of dog you own will determine what kind of grooming process you need to take. There are numerous cut types you can achieve, much like us when we visit the hairdresser. To keep things simple, we are going to stick to the popular 'kennel cut'. The kennel cut is the typical shave that leaves around half an inch of hair covering your dog's body. 

Chop, Chop

It is imperative to mention that you should only use specialist dog grooming tools when trimming your dog's coat to ensure they do not cause injury. There are trimmers and scissors on the market that can assist you hugely and will bring your dog some relief from their heavy coat. Take extra care when trimming hard to reach areas such as ears and paws - make sure you have a clear sight of what you are cutting as you do not want to catch your dog's skin and cause a bleed. 

jumping dog

Tease Those Tangles 

If your pet has long hair they will probably be prone to tangles and knots... Make sure you regularly groom their coats to ensure knots are removed and that there is no matted hair remaining. Try using grooming brushes to tease out any knots and keep your pooch comfortable and happy in their own skin. The Petface Double Sided Brush helps to detangle your dogs coat and distributes their coat oils to give a healthy glow.

There are also de-tangle sprays on the market that can help prevent knots and tangles, and if used regularly they can also prevent matting. The Animology Knot Sure Detangle Spray is a great option, also the Wahl Easy Groom Detangler - both are designed to separate the hairs without pulling.

Dog grooming

Bath Time

As well a good freshen up, baths can also help with coat condition and improve knots and tangles in long haired breeds. Many dog shampoos have built in detangling elements and conditioners to help tackle knots. The Animology Hair Of The Dog Shampoo is a great choice for dogs with long hair that require regular grooming. Remember to rinse your dog off well to avoid any skin irritation. Try the Scruffs Noodle Mitt or Towel to wick away excess moisture away from the skin.

Scruffs Noodle Dry Mitts

Time For A Pedicure

Clipping your dogs nails should not need to be done on a regular basis as they should naturally wear down when walking on hard surfaces such as pavements or roads. However, if they do get long and sharp they may need trimming down. Pet nail trimmers can be purchased to help with this process. Ensure your nail trimmers are in good working condition and that you are cutting from beneath nail. The pink bit in your dog's nail is known as the quick. The quick is essentially the blood vessel that run through their claws. In dogs with clear nails it is easy to see where the quick ends and therefore you know where to cut. However, dogs with black claws can be tricky to trim. In order to trim your dog's black claws safely you need to take it slowly and only remove small bits at a time. Each time a piece of nail is removed, you should look down the nail head on - if it appears 'whitish' you are still in a safe area. The closer you get to the quick, the darker the nail will become. The very outer of the quick will be pink and you should not go any further. 

Dog Paws

We hope you have picked up some useful tips to keep your dog groomed this summer. Just remember, be vigilant when using trimmers and scissors, and always check the claws before cutting too far. Stick to these guidelines and you should have a comfortable and happy pooch...

30 April 2020