Walkies: 9 Dog Walking Tips

Dog Walking Tips

Did you know, it's National Dog Walking Month this January? So, grab your pooch, pop on your country boots and get ready to boost your step count with your four-legged friend by your side!

We have compiled a list of tips & tricks to help you master the dog walk this season... Let's begin.


Timings are key... Make sure you set enough time aside to complete a decent walk for your dog. Your dog's breed and age will contribute to the amount of exercise they require daily - it may be worth contacting your vet if you have any queries about the amount of exercise your dog needs to fulfil a happy and healthy life. 

Can I See Your ID? 

Make sure your dog has an identification tag on their collar that is up to date when heading out. It is law in the UK that every dog should be microchipped and wear an identification tag on their collar - following these rules will help you and your dog reunite in the event they were to be lost or stolen. 

Sniff, Sniff 

Dog walking is not only about physical exercise, dogs enjoy the social aspect that walking enables too.. Did you know, letting your dog sniff whilst you're on a walk provides great mental stimulation? Believe it or not, letting your dog have regular 'sniff stops' allows them to gather information on the community and keep up-to-date socially too (very important business!)

Always Pick It Up 

Remember to take ample dog poo bags when you're heading out on your dog walk. Dog mess is not a pleasant sight, it poses possible health risks to other dogs and people, and there is nothing worse than having to dodge it on the footpath! With that said, be a responsible dog owner and always carry enough poo bags when heading out with your pooch. 

Lead The Way

Where you walk in comparison to your dog when out and about is very important. You, the dog walker, should always be the leader of the pack and be the guide when out walking. Naturally, your dog should fall beside you, or slightly behind in an obedient manner. 

Does your dog like to lead the way? If your dog pulls ahead and walks in front of you, this means they see themselves as the 'leader' of the pack.. Making sure your dog is at 'heel' shows obedience and demonstrates that you are indeed the leader of the pack and 100% in charge. 

Rewards Are Key

Treats are a great way to reward good behaviour and keep distractions to a minimum when on a dog walk. We recommend taking a few of your dog's favourite treats out when walking to reward good behaviour - after all positive reinforcement is a great training method. 

H20 On The Go

Dogs can easily become dehydrated when out walking, especially in warm weather. Make sure you carry a water supply for your dog if you do plan on venturing out long distance. You can purchase portable bowls and water transporters that are ideal for use on walks. 

Be Safe, Be Seen 

Dull mornings and dark nights can be a real pain for dog owners, especially those who are tied to certain times of the day for walking. If you have to walk your dog during the early morning or later in the evening when dusk has fallen, make sure you're visible to other walkers or road users with high visibility garments or flashing accessories

Ask Before Approaching 

Just because your dog is friendly does not mean that someone else's dog is... It's imperative that you respect other dogs' personal space and ask before approaching. 



20 January 2022