Beat The Boredom: 6 Horse Boredom Busters

Bizzy Horse Bizzy Ball

Generally speaking, horses spend more hours in their stables over the winter period due to poor weather, inadequate turnout or darker nights - these prolonged periods of time spent indoors can be very dull for horses...  It can actually negatively affect their moods and behaviour. With this said, horse boredom is also something to be considered when your horse is turned out too... 

To help your horse beat the boredom this season, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that are sure to be of use! 

Apple Bobbing 

Why not create a game with tasty treats? Who doesn't love a game of apply bobbling. Simply add a few succulents into your horse's water bucket and let them bob to get a treat... It is not an easy task and we guarantee it will keep them occupied for a long, long time!

Treat & Toys 

Toys that incorporate a delicious reward are always a winner... Treat balls are a great way to keep your horses entertained, equally there are many toys on the market that can add likits and snacks to keep your horse entertained whether in or out of the stable. 

Toys don't have to be treat orientated.. If your horse is on a strict diet, or perhaps prefers non edible games we have a great choice of hanging toys and jolly balls for your horse to nudge and kick to their hearts content. 

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Mirror, Mirror 

Mirror reflections are a great source of entertainment and company for horses... Horses crave companionship and being boxed up can cause a great deal of stress for them. By using a simple plastic mirror you can alleviate any stress caused by loneliness and provide hours of entertainment for your horse.

Pamper Time & TLC

Just like humans, horses are sociable beings and enjoy spending time with others. Why not get your grooming kit out and spend some quality time bonding over a good brush and pamper. 

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Hide & Seek 

Hiding treats in and around the stable/field is a great way to keep your horse entertained. Why not try adding succulents such as carrots and chopped apples into your hay nets? This is a great hide and seek exercise and will keep your horse busy seeking the treats for hours. 


Horses are herd animals and therefore thrive when around others... Being left on their own can cause a great deal of stress and cause feeling of loneliness and boredom. If you horse is surrounded by others they can socialise and interact with each other on a regular basis, helping keep their mood high and their overall well-being in a positive state. 




27 January 2022