Does My Horse Love Me? 5 Ways Horses Show Affection

Does My Horse Love Me? 5 Ways Horses Show Affection

Horses have subtle little ways of showing their appreciation towards us... We may not always notice these gestures, but they mean a great deal... Does your horse come trotting across the field when he/she hears your vehicle arrive? Or perhaps they follow you around the field when you're on a poo picking mission. Be assured, you don't need to speak fluent 'horse' to understand these gestures! To give you a helping hand, we have devised a list of the top 5 ways horses show their appreciation and affection... Let's begin!

Nickering & Whinnying

Are you regularly greeted with a chorus of whinnying? You don't have to speak the language to appreciate the meaning behind this vocal gesture. Horses are actually very chatty animals, and the whinny noise is there was of saying 'hello' to their favourite person! You may have heard them produce a similar, softer whinny - this is known as a nicker. A horses nicker is a way of showing affection - it is their 'happy' noise that they use when they fancy some affection from their nearest and dearest... you!


Does your horse follow you around the field and then across the yard? Surprisingly, they are not doing this to be annoying or funny...When a horse chooses to follow you around the field, they are in fact showing signs of respect towards you. They view you as the leader of the pack and they are comfortable in putting their trust in you - this bond is truly special and signifies how special equestrian relationships are.

Coming When Called 

Does your four-legged friend meet you at the gate when you arrive? Horses are incredibly clever... If they hear your familiar voice and come charging to see you, it means they are excited to spend time with you! 

Horse Hugs 

You will have seen horses face each other and lock their necks to show affection towards each other, this is known as a 'horse hug'. If a horse chooses to stand behind you and rest his head on your shoulder, he/she is most probably trying to give you a horse hug - how adorable!

Sharing Breath

Another way horses show affection towards each other is through their nostrils. Sharing breath is a way horses show respect and trust towards one another. If your horse chooses to share breath with you, it is their way of showing affection and acknowledging that they view you as a treasured family member. 

Gaining trust and respect from your horse is not an easy task, but upon completion you are sure to relish in all the affection they give. Horses have funny little ways of showing affection, whether that be some of the methods mentioned above, or perhaps more obscure ways... either way, the love of a horse is something that should be treasured for life. 

14 January 2022