HAAS Brushes: Bespoke Care For Your Horse

HAAS Brushes: Bespoke Care For Your Horse

Established in 1919, HAAS are renowned for producing equestrian brushes that are of phenomenal quality. Crafted with quality materials that have been specially selected, these patented brushes provide excellent handling and increased longevity for an all round better groom. 

Safety is also at the forefront of their design - no nails or glue are used in the production of these brushes meaning the risk of injury is eliminated!

Considering upgrading your grooming tools to the HAAS range? To make your decision a little easier, we have compiled a list of the HAAS collection we stock with their key details.

Haas Capriole Brush

Great for everyday use, the Haas Capriole Brush removes dirt direct the top of the coat.

  • Horse tail bristles 

Haas Grundys Finest Brush

This high quality brush is sure to meet all of your equestrian needs. Crafted with soft black horsehair bristles and finished with a leather strap, this brush is ideal for removing top layer dust for a sleek finish and shiny coat. 

  • Soft black horsehair bristles 

Haas Welsh Brush

Crafted from a combination of soft pure grey horsehair, this brush is ideal for sensitive horses. This brush locks deep into the coat and cleanses without causing any sensitivity to the horse.

  • Combination of soft grey horsehair

Haas Schimmell Brush

Tough on stains the Haas Schimmell Brush is ideal for removing stubborn dirt and mud from your horse. Crafted with strong coconut fibre bristles, this brush is ideal for removing mud with excellent results.

  • Tough coconut fibre bristles

Haas Pacour Brush

Increase your dark horse's shine with the Haas Pacour Brush! Designed with grey and black horsehair, this brush is ideal for adding a shine and brightening darker coloured coats. 

  • Grey and black horsehair bristles 

Haas Mustang Damen Brush

Designed for grooming thick or shedding coats, this brush is crafted with special synthetic bristles that are tough on the mud yet gentle on the coat.

  • Synthetic bristles with integrated fine brass wire

Haas Military Brush

Made with short strong bristles for a thorough clean, and integrated longer bristles for a deeper dust removing clean, the Haas Military Brush is ideal for removing deep down dirt and sweeping it away from the surface. 

  • Shorter horsehair bristles edged with longer horsehair bristles

Haas Micro Diva Brush

Achieve a glossy finish to your horse's coat with the Haas Micro Diva Brush. Designed with a Lambswool inner and edged with soft horsehair, this is the ideal brush for creating a show sheen. 

  • Lambswool inner with soft outer bristles 

Haas Lipizzaner Brush

Crafted with a central short horsehair section and edged with longer bristles, this brush is ideal for gentle cleaning (shorter bristles) and removing dust to achieve a glossy finish (longer bristles). 

  • A mixture of short and long horsehair bristles

Haas Kavallerie Brush

Crafted with robust horsehairs, the longer bristles round the edge of this brush provide optimum cleaning results.

  • Bristles are made from a collection of horsehairs from the mane and tail

Haas Fellglanzburste Brush

Crafted with light, soft and thickly woven horsehair, this is the ideal brush for sensitive horses that love a pamper. 

  • These bristles are densely woven for a light and soft effect

Haas Diva Exclusive Brush

Crafted with a Lambswool inner and bordered with soft horsehair, this brush is ideal for producing a super shine to your horse's coat. 

  • Lambswool inner with soft horsehair edging 

Haas Diamond Wurzel Brush

Made with high quality 'Rice Root' bristles, this brush is designed to remove stubborn dirt off your horse's coat.

  • Rice root bristles

Haas Diamond Gloss Brush

Crafted with robust horsehair and edged with longer bristles for a cleaner look, this handy little brush is great for achieving a shiny coat. 

  • Robust horsehair with longer bristles at the boarder 

Designed with a combination of short and long bristles, this brush is ideal for gently cleaning (short bristles) and removing dust to enhance shine (long bristles). 

  • Short and long bristles combine for the ultimate clean 

Crafted with robust horsehair, this brush is ideal for achieving a super shiny coat. 

  • Strong bristles with a longer edged boarder 

This versatile grooming brush is designed with long bristles (approx. 5cm in length)

  • Long synthetic bristles that are black and green in colour 

Haas Amazone Brush

Crafted with horsehair bristles, this brush not only provides an outstanding shine, it also promotes blood circulation when used. 

  • Horsehair bristles 



10 February 2022