Guest Blog: Rosco Gets Wired

Guest Blog: Rosco Gets Wired

 Rosco has been on very restricted rest following his 'Regeneration Stem Cell’ injection to try help repair and decrease the chance of reinjury on his Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon (SDFT). He has been quite good but he certainly needs entertainment - he looks for any tricks he can do to keep him entertained. He quickly discovered that the small turn out pen wasn’t connected to the electrical fence... obviously Rosco thought it would be fun to play tug of war with the wire!

Rosco had another ultrasound scan... Unfortunately, even though he been on rest, the scan showed a deterioration of the tendon - we can only think that it may have happened when he has rolled.  Next steps: another 8 weeks of further stable rest with walking out for grass in-hand, no rolling or flings and very targeted ‘Shock Wave’ therapy once every 2 weeks.

On a positive note, Walter's suspensory ligament (which was quite bad) has healed nicely and he is now on a rehab plan. We can now start walking him out and gradually build his work up again. Initially it will be an 8 week rehab plan in hand before another ultrasound scan and to establish whether it is okay to move onto ridden work.

We hosted our first 'Barn Service’ (Horseman’s Sunday) for our local church. This event usually focusses on blessing animals (especially horses). We had a great turn out of at least 24 horses, 2 well behaved sheep, a chicken and lots of dogs. The mulled wine and mince pies helped to warm us all up and a fantastic collection raised £341 for the BROOKE charity (a special charity closely working with horses and donkeys)… I even managed to dig out Bowdee’s Santa hat and we dressed up in tinsel - it was great! 

12 January 2022