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Animal Health

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Animal Health Tranquil E Animal Health Tranquil E Quick View

Animal Health Tranquil E


A calmer based on an aqueous infusion of Valerian. Tranquil E is a natural calmer used for when spirits are excessively high and specific unmanagea...
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Animal Helath Navilam O Animal Helath Navilam O Quick View

Animal Helath Navilam O


Navilam 'O' is a combination of NoBute and English Hawthorn. It offers maintenance for the laminae, navicular/pedal bones and lower leg/hoof.The lo...
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Animal Health Prozyme Animal Health Prozyme Quick View

Animal Health Prozyme


Pro-biotics are naturally occurring cultures of specific strains of beneficial bacteria. These organisms work together in the gut to assist lactic ...
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Animal Health Hormonise E Animal Health Hormonise E Quick View

Animal Health Hormonise E


To help maintain and balance hormonal function. Hormonise is also recommended for 'moody mares', with moody and unsociable behaviour.
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