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Shires Padded Tail Guard With Bag Shires Padded Tail Guard With Bag Quick View

Shires Padded Tail Guard With Bag


This padded tail guard protects your horse's tail comfortably. The pull through tail bag helps keep your horse's tail tidy and clean. The tail gu...
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Powerflex Bandages Glitter 4 Pack Quick View

Powerflex Bandages Glitter 4 Pack


Everything is better with glitter! And what's even better is that the glitter is stuck to the bandage and is not likely to leave it's presence e...
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Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wrap Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wrap Quick View

Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wrap


Innovative breathable leg wraps offering gentle support and protection when it's needed. Allows the horse to move freely without restriction, uniqu...
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Lemieux Memory Foam Bandage Pads Lemieux Memory Foam Bandage Pads Quick View

Lemieux Memory Foam Bandage Pads


Memory foam filIing provides ideal support under any stable or exercise bandage. These breathable pads have a soft towelling flannel lining to...
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Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps Quick View

Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps


Designed to keep horse's legs warm, dry and protected in the stable,Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps from Equilibrium Products have become an essential part...
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Hy Exercise Bandages Hy Exercise Bandages Quick View

Hy Exercise Bandages


The Hy Exercise Bandages are an elasticated support bandage and are ideal for everyday wear and for competition use. Comes with a storage bag. M...
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Lemieux Combi Bandages Lemieux Combi Bandages Quick View

Lemieux Combi Bandages


Combi Bandages by LeMieux.The bandages with the best of both! Soft wicking under bandage made with a perforated foam filling to stay flat and minim...
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Eskadron Platinum Fleece Bandages Eskadron Platinum Fleece Bandages Quick View

Eskadron Platinum Fleece Bandages


Pack of four bandages with Velcro closers. 3.5m
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LeMieux Bamboo Pillow Wraps LeMieux Bamboo Pillow Wraps Quick View

LeMieux Bamboo Pillow Wraps


Bamboo Pillow Wraps by LeMieux.Super soft technical bamboo lined pillow wraps. Perfect for stable or travel leg protection with all the benefits of...
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Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot Quick View

Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot


A unique close fitting hoof boot designed to keep wounds, poultices and dressings clean. This durable boot is suitable for stable and turnout use...
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HyImpact Stable Protection Boots HyImpact Stable Protection Boots Quick View

HyImpact Stable Protection Boots


Keeps joints warm for good circulation, yet breathable to wick moisture away from the skin. Keeps legs clean and can be quicker and easier than b...
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Hy Polo Bandages Hy Polo Bandages Quick View

Hy Polo Bandages


The Hy Polo Bandages are an anti-pill fleece support bandage ideal for everyday and competition use. The Polo Bandages features a Velcro fasteni...
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Anky Fleece Bandages Anky Fleece Bandages Quick View

Anky Fleece Bandages

£10.00 £25.00

ANKY Bandages are made of the highest quality fleece with strong anti-pilling properties and Velcro closure. Colours match perfectly with the Saddl...
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Anky Fleece Bandages

Eskadron Velvet Ornaments Bandages Eskadron Velvet Ornaments Bandages Quick View

Eskadron Velvet Ornaments Bandages


Pack of four bandages with Velcro closers. 3.5m
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HKM Fleece Bandages HKM Fleece Bandages Quick View

HKM Fleece Bandages


Set of four, easy care fleece bandages made with a breathable polar fleece and velcro fastening approx 5 cm wide. Machine washable at 30 degrees ...
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PS Of Sweden Polo Bandages PS Of Sweden Polo Bandages Quick View

PS Of Sweden Polo Bandages


Polo Bandages in a pack of 4. 380 grams anti-pilling fleece. The bandages are 3.5 metres long so you can cut them to the length you desire. T...
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Lemieux Tresse Polo Bandages Lemieux Tresse Polo Bandages Quick View

Lemieux Tresse Polo Bandages

Out of Stock

A stunning new range of LeMieux fleece bandages with PU embossed leather detail. These Beautiful fleece exercise bandages are made from the h...
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Protack Tail Guard Protack Tail Guard Quick View

Protack Tail Guard


Neoprene tail guard with touch and close fastenings. Heavy duty tail bag helps to keep the tail clean, dry and free from mud.
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Rambo Ionic Stable Wraps Rambo Ionic Stable Wraps Quick View

Rambo Ionic Stable Wraps


Polycotton outer. Tourmaline printed inner. 400g fiber filled. Features: For use under bandages to give you all the benefits of our Rambo Ioni...
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LeMieux Stable Bandages LeMieux Stable Bandages Quick View

LeMieux Stable Bandages


The high quality LeMieux Stable Bandages are made with hard wearing knitted fabric, with velcro fastenings. They offer great protection and s...
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Hy Stable Bandage Hy Stable Bandage Quick View

Hy Stable Bandage


A high quality bandage with velcro fastenings. Ideal for travelling, applying dressings or as a stable bandage. In a handy carry case. Machine w...
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Hy Airflow Bandage Hy Airflow Bandage Quick View

Hy Airflow Bandage


The Hy Air Flow Bandage is a fully ventilating support bandage ideal for every day wear and competition use. The Air Flow Bandage is half soft a...
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Shires Bandage Pads Shires Bandage Pads Quick View

Shires Bandage Pads


Unstitched bandage pads to avoid marking the leg. Foam inner with cotton outer covering. Set of 4.
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Shires Bandage Pads

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Tubbease Multipurpose Hoof Sock Tubbease Multipurpose Hoof Sock Quick View

Tubbease Multipurpose Hoof Sock


A thick EVA sole pad relieves pain for the horse and extends the life of the multi-purpose Tubbease. The sock 'breathes' to stop the damaged hoof g...
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