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First Aid

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Hibiscrub Quick View



Hibiscrub is an antibacterial wash containing chlorhexidine gluconate which is effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, some fungi and v...
Shires Horse And Pony Weighband Quick View

Shires Horse And Pony Weighband


Strong, easy to clean tape which will measure: girth in centimetres, weight in lbs, weight in kgs and height in hands.Useful for keeping an eye on ...
Lincoln Purple Spray Lincoln Purple Spray Quick View

Lincoln Purple Spray


An antibacterial and antifungal spray containing Gentian Violet for use on minor cuts and abrasions. Non sting formula. Trigger spray for easy appl...
Battles Veterinary Digital Thermometer Battles Veterinary Digital Thermometer Quick View

Battles Veterinary Digital Thermometer


An extremely fast and accurate method of measuring the body temperature of all animals. The temperature is electronically displayed in seconds.
Aqueos Spray on Plaster Aqueos Spray on Plaster Quick View

Aqueos Spray on Plaster


Protects minor cuts and grazes from water, dirt and bacteria. Film forming silver aluminium micronized spray Bandage like protection. Reduces the r...
Lincoln Sheath Cleaner Lincoln Sheath Cleaner Quick View

Lincoln Sheath Cleaner


Convenient, ready to use, no rinse formula.
Hyhealth Poultice Hyhealth Poultice Quick View

Hyhealth Poultice


100% Natural, veterinary approved, first aid poultice - All purpose dressing for wounds, cuts and abrasions.Can be applied hot, cold or dry.
NAF NaturalintX Poultice Quick View

NAF NaturalintX Poultice


The NaturalintX poultice is a highly absorbent, multi layered dressing impregnated with the natural poulticing agent Tragacanth and Boric Acid a mi...
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Lincoln First Aid Kit Lincoln First Aid Kit Quick View

Lincoln First Aid Kit

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A handy first aid kit containing the following essential items: Animalintex, Digital Veterinary Thermometer, Metal Hoof Pick, 250ml Lincoln Antibac...
Horseware Emergency First Aid Kit Horseware Emergency First Aid Kit Quick View

Horseware Emergency First Aid Kit


Emergency first aid kit a must have for the yard!Polyester zip bag containing: 5 wet soap tissues; 10 saline cleansing wipes; 5 alcohol wipes; 2 l...
Absorbine Liquid Embrocation Absorbine Liquid Embrocation Quick View

Absorbine Liquid Embrocation


A soothing blend of natural herbs and oils for the temporary relief of soreness in muscles, joints and tendons.
Dermisol Cream Dermisol Cream Quick View

Dermisol Cream


For use in encouraging wound healing in horses, cattle, dogs and cats. POM-VPS.
Radiol B-R Bone Embrocation Radiol B-R Bone Embrocation Quick View

Radiol B-R Bone Embrocation


An extra strong spirit embrocation for the maintenance of healthy bone structure. Ideal for use after strenuous exercise. Ideal for horses and dogs.

Radiol B-R Bone Embrocation

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Barrier Purple Spray Barrier Purple Spray Quick View

Barrier Purple Spray


Suitable for use on all animals and is an ideal product for the first-aid box.For use on superficial wounds, cuts, abrasions, scabs, bites, cracked...
Battles Veterinary Wound Powder Battles Veterinary Wound Powder Quick View

Battles Veterinary Wound Powder


A licensed medicinal product. An absorbent and antibacterial powder, easy to apply creating the ideal environment for optimum healing. Containing 2...
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Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel Quick View

Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel

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A soothing Aloe Vera gel to optimise skin condition in horses. This gentle moisturising gel is beneficial for minor skin irritations and damaged skin.
Hyhealth Cotton Wool Hyhealth Cotton Wool Quick View

Hyhealth Cotton Wool


100% Cotton. All purpose, first aid veterinary care cotton wool roll for softness and absorbency. Use as part of your routine care.
Lincoln Sheath Cleaner Lincoln Sheath Cleaner Quick View

Lincoln Sheath Cleaner


Convenient, ready to use, no rinse formula.
Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream Quick View

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream


Fast effective therapy for mud fever. Scientifically proven to kill bacteria responsible for mud fever.Contains Metalosan 47, a breakthrough in wou...
Dermoline Skin Ointment Quick View

Dermoline Skin Ointment


A soothing and cooling ointment containing calamine, sulphur and coal tar. Helps overcome common dry skin problems and simulates repair.Size: 100g
NAF D-Itch Ointment Quick View

NAF D-Itch Ointment


A nourishing ointment to help comfort areas of broken, irritated skin. Particularly recommended for skin affected by seasonal issues.
NAF NaturalintX Hoof Poultice Quick View

NAF NaturalintX Hoof Poultice


The NaturalintX Hoof Poultice has been designed to comfortably fit your horses hoof, reducing preparation time and enabling ease of application. Ma...
NAF NaturalintX Dressing Quick View

NAF NaturalintX Dressing


The softly cushioned NaturalintX Dressing protects and insulates the leg to support minor wound management. The highly absorbent cotton padding is ...
NAF NaturalintX Aloe Vera Purple Spray Quick View

NAF NaturalintX Aloe Vera Purple Spray


A gentle non aerosol spray to support the natural healing of broken or chaffed skin, minor cuts and abrasions. Also helps to discourage flies from ...