Le Chameau Wellington Boots

Le Chameau

Master bootmakers since 1927, La Chameau has a brilliant range of wellington boots and are well-known for quality and longevity. By working with quality rubber manufacturers in Vietnam, La Chameau knows that they can craft the perfect wellies every time.

Le Chameau Wellies

Using founder Claude Chamot’s secret recipe, Le Chameau uses the famous Chamolux rubber that is soft, supple, and durable as the base of every single one of their boots. Their process for each wellington boot changes, but the basics of quality craftsmanship are present every step of the way. From layering the rubber with latex and reinforced aramid fibres, for example, to create extra reinforcement and protection. At R&R Country, we also have a range of Le Chameau boot accessories including care kits, boot liners and more to ensure your wellingtons stay in the best condition. 

Le Chameau Boots

Of course, being master crafters of Wellington boots means that Le Chameau is also able to produce excellent boots for the country, as their stalking boots attest. Ensuring waterproofing and yet breathable materials are used means that you can always have dry feet when out working or walking.