Lemieux Conductive Magnotherapy Rug

Lemieux Conductive Magnotherapy Rug

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Lemieux Conductive Magnotherapy Rug

Introducing LeMieux's magnetic therapy rug. Crafted with a unique inner liner that contains a woven layer of steel fibres directly under powerful 2600 gauss twin magnets that are strategically placed over the 5 key areas of the shoulder, the elbow, hips and second thigh.

  • Magnetic waves are sent evenly around the lining
  • A 3D Mesh top side will release any heat build up caused by the magnets
  • Breathable with lightweight mesh on the lower part of the rug encourages upward air flow
  • 3-way adjustable belly straps

Some benefits of using magnets include:

  • Improves blood supply to the joints before exercise
  • Aids recovery after extreme or hard exercise
  • Boosts the oxygen levels in the tissue
  • Helps with the production of elastin and collagen
  • Assists with concussion caused by hard ground