Hat Fitting Service

Free Charles Owen hat bag with every Charles Owen riding hat purchased instore.

Why it's important to ensure you have the right hat:


We pride ourselves in the high quality of riding hat and body protector fitting services that we provide and are a recognised BETA qualified stockist of riding hats and body protectors.

This means that we are qualified by BETA to give advice on both the fit of safety products and whether products are manufactured to the latest safety standard.

Please note it is our policy to only fit riding hats and body protectors on the intended day of purchase. This is due to safety items and hats varying in how they fit, even within the same size and brand. Getting the correct size of hat for your head is crucial in ensuring it provides maximum protection and comfort. Having your hat professionally fitted by one of our specially trained staff ensures you have exactly the right hat and fit. 

It is recommended that online purchases of riding hats are only done where the rider is simply replacing an old hat (that was correctly fitted) with a like-for-like purchase, but even then we would recommend that riders are fitted each time they purchase a new hat, to make absolutely certain they purchase the correct size for them.

If you have any questions regarding a fitting of a hat or body protector, we’re more than happy to help, call us on 01757 638555.

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