Materials & Care

Leather Footwear 

Leather footwear should always be cleaned after use, especially if being used for yard duties. Avoid using a hose pipe directly on leather - instead use a brush to remove the mud, and a damp cloth/sponge to remove stubborn dirt. 

Leather boots should be treated and conditioned on a regular basis to avoid drying or cracking occurring - leather is a natural material and without proper care can perish and become unusable. 

Never dry your leather boots using a heat source (such as a radiator or fire). If you do have to wet your boots, or in the event they become wet through use, we recommend letting them air dry naturally and to treat accordingly afterwards.

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Suede Footwear 

We recommend treating your suede footwear with the correct products to increase longevity and keep them looking their best. 

It is best practice to treat your suede shoes with a suede protector before use and periodically thereafter to maintain. If your suede shoes do become marked, we recommend using a suede brush to gently remove any blemishes. 

We also recommend investing in some boot tress to help maintain the overall shape of boots.

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Saddlery Care 

Whether synthetic or leather, saddlery items need to be maintained to increase their longevity and effectiveness.

Leather items should be treated on a regular basis and conditioned to stop any cracks appearing. Likewise, synthetic items can be wiped down after use to keep them looking better for longer - please note, we stock a fantastic range of leather care and synthetic cleaning products to help you keep your saddlery items in tip-top condition. 

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Clothing Care 

Material care can vary depending on the garment - we recommend checking your internal label for washing instructions. 

If you can, remember to wash at 30 degrees to save energy and help the planet. 

Saddle Pads & Numnah Care 

LeMieux recommend washing saddle pads and numnahs on a cool wash (no more that 30 degrees) and to pull them into the correct shape after washing before allowing them to dry naturally or by using a cold tumble dry setting. Try this LeMieux wash for any wool items. 

We also recommend using a wash bag to help protect your saddle pad when in the machine - using a wash bag will also prevent your own clothing from unwanted hairs. 

If you're unsure on how to care for your item accordingly, please feel free to get in touch with us - we are more than happy to assist.